Advanced Manufacturing Division in Camden Commissions North America’s Largest Rolling Mill

The installation of the turning rolls took place earlier this week.  The machine is capable of producing cylinders like the one picture above.

The new Holtec Manufacturing Facility in Camden has reached a milestone this week with the installation of a massive set of turning rolls.   This machine takes flat steel plates up to 10 inches thick and 13 feet wide and rolls them into perfect cylinders.  These cylinders are used in various product that Holtec manufactures for the Nuclear Industry.

Holtec’s Advanced Manufacturing Division in Camden Motoring Along, Meeting Milestones

Holtec Technology Campus as seen from the International Space Station. Located north of the Walt Whitman Bridge, the large manufacturing center and seven story corporate engineering center can be seen on this image captured on March 22, 2017. Image courtesy of Alex Johnson.

Starting with just a few craftsmen in a small corner of the Light Manufacturing Plant in the summer of 2016, the Advanced Manufacturing Division (AMD) has blossomed into a substantial operation with significant growth projected through this year.

Committed to Camden, Making a Difference

Holtec, along with other companies moving into Camden, will help Camden recoup from the urban decay that has engulfed the once-thriving city over the last few decades.  Holtec’s efforts to make positive change in Camden are a multi-faceted strategy that includes hiring city residents, using local contractors, buying local goods and services, and frequenting local eateries. 

Recruitment of the Local Workforce Set to Pick Up Pace

With the opening of the manufacturing plants at the Holtec Technology Campus only a few months away, our Human Resources Department is gearing up to accelerate our personnel recruitment drive with an ambitious goal for work force diversity.  The Campus already has 57 total employees from Camden County, 10 of whom are natives of the City of Camden. All of our new recruits were hired for reasons of individual competence, not to meet any internal quotas.

Symbols of South Camden’s Renaissance Rising on the Riverfront

img_5007We are pleased to note that the silhouettes of the buildings on the Holtec Technology Campus stand as monuments to Camden’s renaissance to the motorists on the Walt Whitman Bridge, Interstate 676 and from Penn’s Landing across the river. The construction of the main structures at the site is expected to be finished by early January.  Holtec and our General Contractor, J.J. Jingoli & Sons would like to thank the State, County, SJPC and City of Camden officials whose steadfast support has enabled our Project Team to make impressive progress despite the plethora of issues that arise every week.

Bringing World Class Machinery to Camden

May 19, 2016 was a momentous occasion at the Holtec Technology Campus in Camden, NJ.  On that day, the first crane girder was installed – the drive girder for a 200 Ton crane (shown in motion).  Assembly was complete on May 26, 2016.  This crane, produced by DMAG, is the first of 12 cranes to be installed on the campus – 3 x 200 Ton cranes, 9 x 50 Ton cranes.  A total lifting capacity of 1050 Tons!  More than any other facility in New Jersey and possibly the United States.

Holtec Technology Campus Rising out of the Ground

Since the groundbreaking ceremony for the Holtec Technology Campus (HTC) on July 1, 2015 the project has been moving at a rapid pace.  It took the Holtec / Joseph Jingoli and Sons construction team 4 months from that ceremony to transform the site of the historic New York Shipbuilding Corporation in preparation for the future – a state of the art campus, a center for technology innovation and manufacturing, employing Camden residents, with the hope of attracting other manufacturing companies to the area.  Holtec acknowledges and respects the past as we move into the future.