HI-TRAN Heavy Load Hauler

Holtec’s HI-TRAN (Holtec International Transporter) is a vertical heavy load hauler for dry spent fuel storage system components and execution of inter-cask canister transfer.

Neutron Absorber Material

Holtec pioneered the development and licensing to structurally qualify the neutron absorber, Metamic-HT, for use as the sole material of the MPC basket for the dry storage and transport systems, serving the dual function of structural integrity and criticality control. Metamic is also exclusively utilized in our high density wet storage racks and our DREAM inserts enabling plants to recover criticality safety margins lost due to neutron absorber degradation or to enhance fuel reactivity following a power uprate.

Neutron Absorber Material
Davit Crane

Davit Crane

Holtec’s Davit Crane for Decommissioning Structurally-Challenged Fuel Pool Enclosure Buildings in Nuclear Plants exploits the load bearing capacity of the fuel pool’s walls and adjacent slab to handle the loaded cask.

Holtite™ Neutron Shield

Holtite is the trademarked name of Holtec’s proprietary neutron shield material that is used for absorbing thermalized neutrons in a neutron-emitting environment. Holtite was first used in the fleet of Holtec’s HI-STAR 100 casks built by Holtec in the late 1990s. Since then Holtite has been been the neutron shield of choice in Holtec’s transportation and transfer casks and even a vertical ventilated cask (HI-STORM MIC) to reduce the neutron dose to infinitesimal levels adjacent to the cask.


Forced Helium Dehydrator

Holtec’s Forced Helium Dehydrator (FHD) provides an alternative to the vacuum dryer. The FHD was certified by the NRC in 2001 and was extensively used to dehydrate Trojan’s fuel assemblies, a number of which had water-laden fuel rods. Since then, over 20 nuclear units utilize the FHD including Chernobyl in Ukraine and Sizewell B in the U.K.


HERMIT (an acronym for Holtec Earthquake Response Mitigator) is a device that was developed and perfected by Holtec to enable cask loading operations to be carried out without physically typing down the cask to protect against earthquakes.

Variable Elevation Cask Pedestal (VECASP)

Holtec’s invention, VECASP, is a device to eliminate the root cause for potential crane contamination, which is the wetting of the crane block and its ancillary parts by the pool water.

Zero Profile Transporter (ZPT)

Holtec developed the so-called Zero Profile Transporter (ZPT) that allows the cask to traverse the truck bay while literally hugging the surface on which the cask is being moved. The ZPT is a “zero height dolly”, i.e., the door openings need only be a smidgen taller than the height of the cask.

Reverse Engineered Components

Reverse Engineered Components

Holtec possess in-house capabilities to design, engineer, analyze, fabricate, construct, and deploy virtually any system, structure or component for our clients no longer wish to procure from the original OEM. Holtec is also versed in enhancing existing SSCs equipment supplied by another supplier that is now an obsolete technology. Holtec has the capability to perform custom fabrication on a 24/7 basis ensuring we meet even the most challenging schedule.