TitleEquipment TypeHTB Nohf:tags
Holtec’s HI-HEAT District HeaterHTB-082hi-heat
Green Boiler TechnologyHTB-081green-boiler
Forced Helium Dehydration (FHD) SystemHTB-005fhd
HOMER: A Holistic Modular Extendable Repository Design Concept for High Level Nuclear WasteHTB-009homer
DREAM Inserts for Enhanced Pool Reactivity Control: A Solution for Degrading Neutron Absorbing Material or Power UpratesHTB-012dream
HI-COOL: A Passive Spent Fuel Pool Cooling SystemHTB-014hi-cool
DFC-152: The Damaged Fuel Container for Failed BWR Fuel or Fuel DebrisHTB-017dfc-en
HI-STORM UMAX Dry Storage SystemHTB-025hi-storm-umax
Parallel Condensing Technology: Water Conserving Solutions for Power Plant Condensing SystemsHTB-032parallel-condensing-technology
Air Blast Chiller (ABC): An Innovative Solution to Free Power Plants from Dependence on a Natural Water SourceHTB-034air-blast-chiller
HI-STAR 63 Type B(U) Transport System for CANDU Spent FuelHTB-042hi-star-63
HI-MAX Air Cooled CondensersHTB-039hi-max
Fuel Selection and Dose Optimization Software (HI-FRED)HTB-055hi-fred
HI-STORM FW® Vertical Ventilated Storage SystemHTB-007hi-storm-fw
Holtec’s Double Wall Canister for Extended Service Life of a Spent Nuclear Fuel Dry Storage FacilityHTB-020dwc
HI-STORE Consolidated Interim Storage FacilityHTB-052hi-store-cisf
Record of Transportation of Used Nuclear FuelHTB-051
An Executive Summary of Holtec’s SMR-160’s key features and capabilities that underpin its universal appeal as the ideal workhorse for carbon-free distributed Power GenerationHTB-060smr-300
Capabilities and Core CompetenciesHTB-028
HI-STAR 330 & HI-STAR 240: A Robust Container for Storage, Transportation & Disposal of Class B/C RadWaste Material, HTB-071hi-star-240 hi-star-330
HI-SAFE® Non-Fuel Waste Storage SystemHTB-006hi-safe
HI-STAR 7A: A Robust Container for Storage, Disposal and Transportation of Class A RadWaste MaterialHTB-070hi-star-7a