Holtec Europe is an international division of Holtec International, registered and operated in Spain. Holtec’s first dry storage project in Spain occurred in 2003. As a key part of our project execution team and growing business development in European territories, Holtec Europe was formed in 2021.

Holtec Europe’s capabilities include project management, manufacturing oversight and engineering. Holtec Europe brings Holtec International´s full range of core expertise to serve Europe´s energy industry. 

The operations center is located in Madrid, Spain and managed by Mr. Rafael Marín, Program Manager for Europe. Dr. Rick Springman, Senior Vice President of International Projects, is the Holtec executive responsible for the operations and growth of the Division.

Holtec Europe

Corporate Offices

Madrid, Spain

Recent News

Spain Standardizes on Holtec’s Multi-Purpose Canister (MPC) Technology for On-Site Storage of Used Nuclear Fuel

The Nuclear Waste Partnership, LLC, following a rigorous procurement process, has established a supply contract with Holtec Government Services, a Holtec International subsidiary, for fabrication, testing and delivery of twelve HalfPACT Type B transportation containers for shipment of transuranic waste to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Waste Isolation Pilot Plant near Carlsbad, New Mexico. NFT-EPD,…

499, 500, 501…

We are pleased to announce that loading of MPC number 500 recently occurred and quickly receded into history as Hatch, Browns Ferry, Farley, DC Cook, and Salem continued their loading campaigns.


  • Holtec set to ramp up HI-STAR cask production [World Nuclear News] – Jul. 13, 2021