Holtec Manufacturing Capabilities


Holtec International is in the vanguard of the global manufacturing renaissance fueled by rapid leaps in advanced manufacturing technologies that employ robotics, automation, and digitally savvy lean manufacturing.  The Company’s heavy fabrication and machining pre-eminence is undergirded by Holtec’s three mammoth manufacturing plants located in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, covering nearly 1.5 million square feet of manufacturing floor space.  The three plants collectively provide capabilities to sculpt large forgings and castings into precision components that are unrivaled in North America.  Holtec’s fabrication capabilities can be deployed to extrude, roll, form, weld, machine and finish precision custom parts for the entire range of industries that need them: military, aerospace, nuclear, pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical, to name a few.  Holtec International has manufactured and delivered custom equipment to over 20 countries on 6 continents.

Some vignettes that illustrate Holtec’s heavy fabrication capabilities:

  • Our ultra-precision CNC machine tools can machine parts up to 62 feet long and 21 feet high, while maintaining a dimensional tolerance of less than .0003”. To put this into perspective, this precision would allow the machine to cut 100 stair steps within the cumulative tolerance that is less than the thickness of a credit card.
  • An array of several ultra-heavy hydraulic press brakes and plate rollers provide capability of hot and cold rolling of plate stock — thin and thick — with maximum plate thickness in excess of 7 inch.
  • Manufacturing and assembly of weldments that are as much as 100 feet long and weigh up to 400 tons. The building steel, cranes, floor and manufacturing processes are all designed to support large part fabrication.
  • Our largest CNC vertical turning mill can machine any cylindrical parts up to 15 feet in diameter, 100 tons in weight and reaching 17 feet high.
  • A number of extrusion presses installed at Orrvilon provide the ability to extrude aluminum alloys of all types (Class 1000 to 7000). The largest extrusion press has thrust capacity of 7200 tons and can handle billets up to 14-inch diameter and 700 lb. in weight.
  • Orrvilon also boasts two Friction Stir Welding machines that can join alloys of aluminum, copper, and other exotic metals in thicknesses up to 1 inch.

The one-of-a-kind manufacturing capabilities, along with the overlay of robotics, automation and technology, underpin Holtec’s ability to deliver challenging custom parts with exceptional quality, and timely delivery.

Manufacturing Facilities

Additional information on the machines and capabilities may be obtained on the pages linked below for each facility:

Advanced Manufacturing Division

Advanced Manufacturing Division incorporates the latest in fabrication machinery and information management software to enable precision manufacturing of large and complex weldments.

Holtec Manufacturing Division

Holtec Manufacturing Division (HMD) performs heavy manufacturing of spent nuclear fuel dry cask storage systems and ancillary equipment, as well as heat exchanger components.

Orrvilon Manufacturing Facility

Orrvilon’s 300,000 square foot vertically integrated manufacturing facility is equipped with cutting-edge machinery to fabricate complex aluminum shapes and structures.

Holtec’s Proven Controls for Manufacturing Excellence

A Common Quality Program

All Holtec’s Manufacturing Divisions employ a common quality platform for all required activities (from order entry, to design, to manufacturing, to delivery). Common quality platform means:

  • One approved vendor list.
  • One corrective action program.
  • One set of operating procedures.
  • One (all-digital) configuration control system.

A Robust Process for Material Traceability and Material Control

  • Computerized inventory with airtight material release protocol.
  • Auto crib vending machines and color-coding working stations.
  • Visual aids utilized placed through-out the facilities to identify (e.g., “Proper Marking” vs. “Improper Marking.”

Electronic Production Control

  • A fully computerized traveler system that seamlessly combines the following (electronically robust) control elements.
    • PWRP: Production Work Routing Plan
    • e-SADS: Electronic Subassembly Data Sheet.
    • e-Inspection: Inspection Report Data Sheet.
    • Software applications fully integrated with QA protocols.
  • Real time information entry: Information is entered “real time” from the shop floor via barcodes. Software application have road tested barriers to eliminate Human Error and to assure final product.

Manufacturing Infrastructure Controlled by Road Tested Software

  • Verification of calibrated equipment.
  • Verification of Non-destructive examination (NDE) and Inspection Qualification.
  • Welder Qualification and continuity.
  • Verification of welding parameters (WPS and Filler Metal verification).
  • Material profile and verification of critical material attributes to prevent unintended usage.
  • Status control for welding, inspections, and examinations.
  • Computerized control of Non-conformance, Corrective Action Requests and personnel training program.

Reverse Engineered Components

Providing replacement systems, structures and components (SSCs) to operating nuclear plants during a plant’s outage is a schedule-critical service in which Holtec has established a proven record of performance. Providing clients with a reverse-engineered SSC that improves upon the existing SSC (which may have to be replaced for reasons such as product obsolescence, unavailability of the original supplier, more demanding specification, etc.,) is also a niche specialty of Holtec International.

Holtec actively seeks projects that have a great degree of technical difficulty and demand unimpeachable quality and challenging schedule adherence.

Holtec’s rapid fire outage solution for its clients rests on the formidable expertise of its technical cadre’.  Learn More

Another company organization that works hand-in-glove with the technical experts’ team is the corporate supply chain whose global reach to secure special supplies on a tight schedule is legendary.

To meet the tough demand of an outage schedule, Holtec’s in-house supply chain procures all material (commercial and nuclear grade), to facilitate fabrication on a challenging schedule. Holtec’s primary manufacturing facility, Holtec Manufacturing Division (HMD), operates on a 24 hour per day, seven day per week schedule, if necessary to best serve the needs of Holtec’s clients.