Holtec’s HI-TRAN (Holtec International Transporter) is a vertical heavy load hauler for dry spent fuel storage system components and execution of inter-cask canister transfer. The HI-TRAN has been successfully designed, manufactured and factory tested by Holtec’s Advanced Manufacturing Division in Camden, New Jersey. 

HI-TRAN’s development was undertaken to solve transporter reliability problems experienced in the industry. HI-TRAN is built as a safety-significant machine and has certain unique reliability features that differentiate it from other machines used in the industry. It has four hydraulic lifters (in lieu of two, commonly used in the industry) with a heavy load lift capacity.

Already in use at several nuclear power plants around the world, HI-TRAN is also envisioned to transport heavy loads at Holtec’s SMR-160+ plant currently undergoing regulatory review in Canada as well as Holtec’s HI-STORE Consolidated Interim Storage Facility currently undergoing licensing for deployment in New Mexico.