Holtec’s Non-Fuel Waste Storage System


Holtec’s HI-SAFE storage system provides a safe and cost-effective solution for on-site storage of non-fuel waste generated from the operation and decommissioning of commercial nuclear power plants. The multi-purpose module can be used to store and ship Class B, Class C, and Greater than Class C (GTCC) waste, including highly activated metal components from reactor operations and decommissioning. The 290 cubic-foot internal volume of this Non-Fuel Waste Canister (NFWC) allows for the greatest storage of high activity radiological waste in the industry.  The steel-concrete-steel HI-SAFE overpack provides robust biological shield and physical protection. In addition, the NFWC can be shipped in the same manner as Multi-Purpose Canisters containing used nuclear fuel.

The HI-SAFE Storage System can employ the same ancillary equipment as what is used to load Holtec’s HI-STORM spent nuclear fuel dry storage system. This enables the site to leverage in-house expertise and trained personnel in the performance of a successful HI-SAFE loading campaign.

To learn more about HI-SAFE, click on this link to read our Holtec Technical Bulletin.


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Cask Apparatus, System and Method for Transporting and/or Storing High Level Waste2017US 9,672,948 B2Granted