Holtec Security International (HSI) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Holtec International headquartered at the Krishna P. Singh Technology Campus in Camden, New Jersey. HSI is a leader in physical security solutions specializing in critical infrastructure, and industrial, corporate and cyber security. 

HSI provides armed and unarmed protection, and security and access control to nuclear facilities, industrial installations, manufacturing plants, commercial properties, government entities and technology centers.

One Holtec Blvd.
Camden, NJ 08104


Current Projects

At both Oyster Creek and Pilgrim decommissioning sites, HSI provides access control and armed response protection to secure the buildings, structures and materials against sabotage, theft, diversion and other malicious acts in compliance with 10 CFR 73.55.

Oyster Creek Decommissioning Site

Pilgrim Decommissioning Site


J. Scott Thomson

Vice President and Governance Officer, Holtec International
Chief Operating Officer of Holtec Security International (HSI)
Chief Operating Officer (interim) of Comprehensive Decommissioning International (CDI) 

J. Scott Thomson is the Chief Operating Officer of Holtec Security International. In this role, Mr. Thomson leads all aspects of HSI’s programs, including Holtec’s acquired shutdown nuclear plants. Mr. Thomson is also Holtec’s Chief Governance Officer and the Corporate Vice President.