Holtec Security International (HSI) is a Camden-based subsidiary of Holtec International and is collated with its parent company at the Krishna P. Singh Technology Campus located in south Camden on the Delaware River waterfront.  “Holtec” is a portmanteau of “Holistic” and “Technology” and our corporate creed is “A Generation Ahead By Design”.  HSI prides itself on being a vanguard in providing a full range of services and solutions across multiple sectors with technologies, systems, policies, trainings, and dedicated professionals to ensure that its clients avail themselves of the latest in each sector.  HSI’s distinguishing attributes are maintaining the highest levels of service and responsiveness to our clients with relentless work ethic and innovative strategies to exceed their expectations.   HSI provides cybersecurity, network administration, technical support, as well as physical safety to communities, critical infrastructure, and industrial/corporate/governmental facilities.  

With more than 300 employees and growing, former and current HSI clients include the United States Department of Justice,  several state Attorneys General, the National Football League, the National Basketball Association, Camden County Police Department, commercial entities, technology centers, industrial installations, and manufacturing plants.  HSI works closely with Homeland Security, FBI, State and local law enforcement, and governmental authorities with the highly regulated protection of nuclear fuel at 5 decommissioned facilities.  HSI is currently engaged with Holtec’s Small Modular Reactor (SMR) Division in designing the security basis for its SMR-160+.  

One Holtec Blvd.
Camden, NJ 08104


Current Projects and Clients

At Oyster Creek, Pilgrim and Indian Point decommissioning sites, HSI provides access control and armed response protection to secure the buildings, structures and materials against sabotage, theft, diversion and other malicious acts in compliance with 10 CFR 73.55.


J. Scott Thomson

President, Holtec Security International
Senior Vice President and Governance Officer, Holtec International

J. Scott Thomson is the President of Holtec Security International (HSI). In this role, he leads all aspects of HSI’s programs, including Holtec’s acquired shutdown nuclear plants. Thomson is also Holtec’s Chief Governance Officer and the Corporate Vice President.