Water-Cooled Condensers

Holtec provides water-cooled condensers designed and fabricated to the highest standards, offering superior performance, efficiency and reliability to the commercial and nuclear power industries.

Feedwater Heaters

Holtec provides comprehensive utility feedwater heater solutions to the power industry. Holtec feedwater heaters are designed and fabricated to the highest standards of reliability and quality for power plants ranging from 10MW to 1500 MW.

Heat Exchangers for Nuclear Power Plants

Holtec is a recognized industry leader of heat exchange equipment for nuclear power plants. Holtec’s mission critical equipment helps ensure an optimally operating heat exchanger while reducing costs and improving efficiency.

Air Cooled Condensers

Air-Cooled Condensers

Holtec began serving the Air-Cooled Condenser market in 2008 and employs an engineering staff that has successfully designed and deployed over 80 ACCs worldwide on power plants with outputs of up to 1000 MW, and installation locations ranging from Alaska to Saudi Arabia.

Innovative Heat Transfer Products

Holtec heat exchangers are engineered to meet the unique demands of nuclear applications such as cyclic loadings and high flow rates. Holtec International’s research and development effort has yielded many technology advances in the field of heat transfer apparatus.