Holtec International continuously achieves the highest quality and safety standards in the industry

Adopting every conceivable measure to ensure the physical protection of the Company’s associates, contractors and visitors is the foremost responsibility of Holtec International’s executive leadership. Although industrial mishaps are mercifully rare in our country, they have not been entirely eliminated. Holtec International adheres to very stringent safety standards in order to assure the safety of all personnel.

Safety Doctrine

Holtec’s Safety Doctrine, enunciated by Holtec’s President in the five principles below has been the guiding beacon in formulating the Company’s continuous drive since the 1980s to reach an ever higher plateau of safety of its workforce.

Holtec International believes that:

  • Consideration of safety must trump all other factors in the Company’s everyday work, including schedule or profit.
  • To reach the pinnacle of safety performance, the Company’s approach must be holistic. The holistic view of safety holds that safety must be engineered in the hardware at its birth (initial design) and held as the paramount objective during the manufacturing cycle and practiced by the supervision with a single-minded devotion during site construction work.
  • Safe work practice is an evolutionary process that can be inculcated in the worker only by a persistent campaign of verbal and written communication. As the saying goes: “Sow an action, reap a habit; sow a habit, reap a character”.
  • Upholding the highest standards of safety must become a matter of shared pride and glory for everyone in the place of work.
  • Unlike a business’s profitability, a worker is a willing and natural ally in a company’s attempts to attain the highest level of safety. To leverage the natural inclinations of this key ally, management must walk the talk and preach the gospel of safety at all times to ensure that the workforce develops a passion for excelling in safety. Company sponsored functions to celebrate safety milestones are a part of the drive to collectivize the passion for safety.

Safety Starts With Me!

Workplace safety is at the forefront of the Holtec’s focus in all aspects of our businesses. At our manufacturing facilities, an internal campaign to heighten the awareness for safety has been developed through a collaborative effort of Holtec Associates and plant leadership. The “Safety Starts with Me!” campaign is intended to focus each employee on their personal responsibility for their safety and the safety of their co-workers. This inward focus is enhanced with regular safety training, a safety incentive program, recognition of individual safety efforts and the active involvement of executive management.

Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety

Holtec is dedicated to environmental and occupational health and safety (“EH&S”) excellence.  The Company holds public health and safety, and the health and safety of our workers above all other goals driven by our core values. In addition, the Company maintains an environmentally friendly culture that strives to reduce/eliminate pollutants through development of sound processes and controls.  Our ultimate goal is zero health and safety incidents, and environmental stewardship that promotes sustainability in a way that balances protecting the environment and our organizational needs.

The Company achieves its goals through an interdependent EH&S culture with full employee and management commitment; meeting or exceeding all applicable EH&S requirements; and by maintaining an EH&S management system in accordance with ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018.  It is the responsibility of all Company workers to assure that the EH&S program is implemented during all aspects of the Company’s activities. 

It is the policy of the Company to

  1. Protect the public and environment from harmful impacts and seek sustainability in our operations including energy and resource consumption;
  2. Provide safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injury and illness;
  3. Identify and eliminate hazards that may adversely affect Company workers’ health and safety;
  4. Fulfill all legal requirements, compliance obligations and follow recognized and generally accepted industry standards and good engineering practices;
  5. Continually evaluate the EH&S management system to enhance overall performance in these areas;
  6. Implement processes that encourage and enable worker participation at all applicable levels and functions in the development, planning, implementation, performance evaluation and actions for improvement of worker’s health and safety.

It is the Company’s ultimate objective to a) have zero health and safety incidents; and b) eliminate pollutants where practical and reduce pollutants where total elimination is not practical. However, in order to have measurable objectives that can be continually monitored, the following strategic objectives are defined:

  1. Recordable incident rate and lost time rate to be below industry average and continue to trend positively;
  2. Pollutant emissions to be below state and legal requirements.

Holtec International currently holds the following industry accreditations and certificates: