Holtec’s Executives are listed in the following order: CEO and Chair of the Executive Committee followed by business unit presidents, senior vice presidents, vice presidents and other executives.

Dr. Kris Singh

Dr. Kris Singh

President & Chief Executive Officer, Holtec International
Chairman of the Board, Holtec International
Chairman of the Board, Holtec Asia

Since 1986, Dr. Singh has led Holtec International, building the company into a technological powerhouse respected for its engineered goods and services around the world with nine major operations centers in three countries and an active business presence on four continents.

Pankaj (PK) Chaudhary

Senior Vice President of Operations, Holtec International
Chair of the Executive Committee, Holtec International

Pankaj Chaudhary is the Senior Vice President of Operations, IT and Manufacturing. He is responsible for providing corporate leadership to the Holtec’s project management group, manufacturing divisions, site services and site construction business units.

Pierre Paul Oneid

Senior Vice President of Domestic Nuclear Programs, Holtec International
President, Holtec MENA
Secretary, HI-STAC

Pierre Paul Oneid is the Senior Vice President of Domestic Nuclear Programs at Holtec International. Oneid is also the corporate executive responsible for the Nuclear Power Division and the Heat Transfer Division. He also serves as a member of Holtec International’s Executive Committee.

Jyoti Chatterjee

President, Holtec Asia
Senior Vice President, Holtec International

Jyoti Chatterjee is a Senior Vice President of Holtec International and serves Holtec Asia as its President. At Holtec Asia, Chatterjee is responsible for the company’s operations and business development in Asia, Middle East and North African markets.

Frederick J. (Fritz) Roegge

Vice Admiral, United States Navy (retired)

President, Holtec Government Services
Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer, Holtec International

Vice Admiral Fritz Roegge is President of Holtec Government Services, LLC (HGS) which provides high technology-content goods and services to the US government and other governmental entities. He also serves as the Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer of the parent, Holtec International. As Holtec’s Chief Strategy Officer, Admiral Roegge is charged with the responsibility to lead Holtec’s efforts, in concert with the Company’s Executive Committee, to identify new viable areas of business concentration. 

Kelly Trice

President of Nuclear Generation and Decommissioning, Holtec International

Kelly Trice is president of Nuclear Generation and Decommissioning. In this role, Trice is responsible for ensuring safe, regulatory compliant and efficient decommissioning of Holtec’s shutdown nuclear power plants. Trice has a secondary appointment as president of SMR, LLC. In this role, he oversees the development and delivery of Holtec’s SMR-160+, a passive light water small modular reactor. He is also Holtec International’s senior vice president for Finance Oversight. He serves as chair of the Finance and Accounting Committee, which is responsible for ensuring Holtec’s utmost fiduciary probity and professional integrity.

Richard Burroni

Richard Burroni

Chief Nuclear Officer, Holtec International

Richard Burroni is Chief Nuclear Officer of Holtec International. He leads Holtec’s efforts to ensure regulatory, operational, and environmental compliance in accord with the industry’s norms and standards. Burroni serves as Holtec’s principal interface with the NRC on emerging nuclear issues and challenges.

J. Scott Thomson

President, Holtec Security International
Senior Vice President and Governance Officer, Holtec International

J. Scott Thomson is the President of Holtec Security International (HSI). In this role, he leads all aspects of HSI’s programs, including Holtec’s acquired shutdown nuclear plants. Thomson is also Holtec’s Chief Governance Officer and the Corporate Vice President.

Joy Russell

Senior Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, Holtec International

Joy Russell is Holtec’s Senior Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer. She supports the business development efforts of all Holtec operating divisions from the corporate level and leadership of the company’s communications and public outreach program.

Rick Springman

Dr. Rick Springman

Senior Vice President of International Projects, Holtec International

Dr. Rick Springman is the Senior Vice President of International Projects and a member of Holtec’s Executive Committee. He is responsible for leading all aspects of business development and project oversight for his assigned territories in the Nuclear Power Division.

Dr. Stefan Anton

Senior Vice President, Engineering and Licensing, Holtec International

Dr. Stefan Anton has 30 years of experience in the design and licensing of structures, systems and components for the nuclear industry. His technical specialties are nuclear criticality, shielding and applied thermo-hydraulics. He has led design and licensing activities of nuclear components with a seminal contribution on burnup credit and criticality safety for spent fuel racks and spent fuel storage and transport casks.

Jean Fleming

Jean Fleming

Vice President of Licensing, Regulatory and Probabilistic Safety Analysis, Holtec International

Jean Fleming is vice president of Licensing, Regulatory and Probabilistic Safety Analysis (PSA) for Holtec’s Corporate Engineering Division. In this role, Fleming leads the Regulatory, Licensing and PSA programs for Holtec Decommissioning International’s decommissioning fleet, SMR-160+, and Holtec’s dry storage and transportation program.

Riaz Awan

Vice President for Ukraine Operations, Holtec International
Vice President of Corporate Oversight, Holtec International
Managing Director, Nuclear Consultants International 

Riaz Awan is Vice President with direct responsibilities for management and oversight of all aspects of Holtec International operations in Ukraine.  In this capacity, he serves as the Executive Sponsor of the Chornobyl Interim Spent Fuel Storage Facility and the Ukraine Central Spent Fuel Storage Facility Projects .

William F. Gill

Vice President and General Counsel, Holtec International
Vice President and Chief Legal Officer, Applied Photonix

William F. Gill IV is an innovative and accomplished attorney with over fourteen years of demonstrated achievement in the legal industry. As Vice President and Corporate Counsel for Holtec International, Gill has oversight responsibilities over all Holtec divisions and subsidiaries. Gill is also a member of Holtec’s Executive Committee.

Allen Hickman

Vice President of Manufacturing & Supply Chain, Holtec International

Allen Hickman is Holtec’s top official in charge of the Company’s manufacturing plants in North America. Hickman also leads the supply chain group based in Pittsburgh and Camden which sources over $200 million dollars worth of raw materials and sub-components each year from an approved supplier list of nearly 300 companies, over 2/3 of whom are based in the United States.

Myron M. Kaczmarsky

Vice President, Holtec Government Services

Myron Kaczmarsky is Vice President of Holtec Government Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of Holtec International. With 40 years of experience in the nuclear industry Kaczmarsky is responsible for business growth and the compliant execution of the projects and services to US Government Agencies.

Mark Soler

Vice President of Quality, Holtec International

Mark Soler joined the company in 1989 as a quality engineer after a three-year stint at General Electric. Soler has been the primary driver in the development and implementation of Holtec’s QA Program and in the company’s long running campaign to improve the overall effectiveness of the QA Program.

Tulsidas (Vivek) P. Naidoo

Chief Financial Officer, Holtec International

Tulsidas (Vivek) P. Naidoo is Holtec’s Chief Financial Officer. In this role, Naidoo is responsible for Holtec’s financial accounting and reporting systems that ensure a sustainable financial business model is maintained for managing Holtec’s growing worldwide organization. 

Dr. D. Yogi Goswami

Executive Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, Applied Photonix
Executive Consultant, Holtec International

Dr. Yogi Goswami serves as an executive consultant to Holtec International’s advanced clean energy technologies. He provides invaluable contributions for the research and development of Holtec’s green boiler technology and SMR-160+ small modular reactor. He is also leading Holtec’s drive to develop a commercially competitive solar energy concentrator and thermal energy delivery system.