Vice President of Quality

Mr. Mark Soler received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania in 1986. Mr. Soler’s professional career at Holtec International dates back to 1989 when he joined the company as a quality engineer after a three-year stint at General Electric. Mr. Soler has been the primary driver in the development and implementation of Holtec’s QA Program and in the company’s long running campaign to improve the overall effectiveness of the QA Program. He has led the efforts to extend Holtec’s QA Program to local operation centers around the world as the company’s global footprint has grown.

An avid student of the nuances of the quality principles practiced by the different countries, Mr. Soler has sought to strengthen Holtec’s QA infrastructure by incorporating the principles in the company’s processes and procedures. He has successfully hosted hundreds of client audits and inspections by the regulatory authorities and clients from across the globe and led the development and sharpening of hundreds of operating procedures that constitute Holtec’s arterial system for high quality design, manufacturing, and field services undertakings.