Holtec’s Air Cooled Solution

Holtec’s Air Cooled Condenser (ACC) product line is designed by Holtec’s experienced team of innovative engineers who have an average tenure of over 15 years. Holtec began serving the ACC market in 2008 and employs an engineering staff that has successfully designed and deployed over 80 ACCs worldwide on power plants with outputs of up to 1000 MW, and installation locations ranging from Alaska to Saudi Arabia.

A large portion of the required lead time for an ACC is dedicated to the custom engineering of each project, making the ACC the critical path item in power plant construction. Holtec has reduced the lead time significantly by pre-engineering the entire ACC cell. Standardization ultimately results in efficient, predictable, and repetitive cell performance. The cell is designed to accommodate any site erection strategy; from completely stick-built to fully modularized construction. This innovative design significantly reduces erection complexity and construction lead time.

Holtec’s ACC heat transfer technology, HI-MAX, has been developed entirely in-house. The geometry and materials were selected based on extensive FEA, an exhaustive array of tests, and verified with CFD modeling.

Parallel Condensing

Holtec is one of a few companies worldwide that design and supply water cooled and air cooled condensers.  We are in an ideal position to strategically combine both technologies into a single system. Holtec’s Parallel Condensing System is the optimum solution for sites that are challenged by a limited amount of cooling water. By operating the water cooled and air cooled technologies in parallel, Holtec designs a system that optimizes use of the little water available. The benefits of Holtec’s Parallel Condensing System include:

  • Maintaining performance at high ambient conditions.
  • Saving a significant amount of water over an all wet system.
  • Significantly reducing capital cost over an all dry system.
  • Eliminating cooling tower plume in cold weather.


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