Holtec’s Air-Cooled Solution

Holtec’s Air-Cooled Condenser systems (ACCs) feature transformative air-cooling technology that ends reliance on large quantities of cooling water by rejecting waste heat. Featuring space-saving modular components, these proven technologies reduce construction and maintenance costs, and root out operational problems typically present in cyclical, load-following power plants. 

Holtec’s engineers utilize Computational Fluid Dynamics to predict thermal-hydraulic performance, Finite Element Analysis to study fatigue effects, and Dynamic Structural Analysis to define the effects of wind loading and earthquakes on ACCs. These computer models predict the system’s performance under extremely hot and extremely cold ambient conditions with high reliability. 

Design Benefits

Higher steam side carrying capacity for improved performance

Smaller Air-Cooled Condenser plot area saves valuable space

Ability to use stainless or carbon steel tubes for added reliability


Holtec’s HI-MAX (Holtec International MAXimum reliability) features a stainless steel obround tube integrated into a fully modularized structure for ease of erection. Its strength-bonded aluminum fins achieve maximum service life and condensate purity. The thickness, height and spacing of the fins have been optimized using state-of-the art computational fluid dynamics codes to provide maximum fin efficiency for air flow parameters.


HI-KOOL, available in carbon-steel or stainless-steel, represents a transformative shift in the technology to reject waste heat to ambient air. The coolant ambient air is pulled across the obround finned tubes by the overhead blower, extracting the latent heat from the low-pressure steam flowing inside the tubes. HI-KOOL incorporates numerous design enhancements that allow for ease of construction, reducing assembly times. Additionally, it has a relatively low profile; it is least 30 feet shorter in elevation than a typical “forced draft” air-cooled condenser.

Parallel Condensing

Holtec is one of a few companies worldwide that design and supply water cooled and air cooled condensers.  We are in an ideal position to strategically combine both technologies into a single system. Holtec’s Parallel Condensing System is the optimum solution for sites that are challenged by a limited amount of cooling water. By operating the water cooled and air cooled technologies in parallel, Holtec designs a system that optimizes use of the little water available. The benefits of Holtec’s Parallel Condensing System include:

  • Maintaining performance at high ambient conditions.
  • Saving a significant amount of water over an all wet system.
  • Significantly reducing capital cost over an all dry system.
  • Eliminating cooling tower plume in cold weather.


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