Holtec International’s supply chain includes over 200 domestic and foreign pre-qualified suppliers to provide various types of goods and services to different quality criteria (and safety significance levels for nuclear projects).

To insure supply chain integrity while operating in diverse social cultures, the company’s procurement specialists and managers are required to rigorously abide by the directives contained in the Corporate Governance Manual posted on the company’s network. Some additional features of our supply chain practices are:

  • The company maintains a confidential “excluded entities list ” (EEL) consisting of those suppliers that have been determined to be incompatible with our corporate values (such as anyone indicted for corruption, document falsification, etc). The company’s supply chain personnel are forbidden from procuring any goods or services from a company on Holtec’s EEL.
  • The supplier is required to confirm a complete absence of violation of basic human rights of the workers employed at its facilities such as unhygienic working conditions, cavalier attention to personnel safety, discriminatory denial of benefits, or coercive extraction of labor.
  • The supplier is required to give unfettered rights 24/7 to Holtec’s inspection staff to inspect the Goods.