Holtec International is a diversified energy technology company with its headquarters located in Jupiter on Florida’s “Treasure Coast.” The company is widely recognized as the foremost technology innovator in the field of carbon-free power generation, specifically commercial nuclear and solar energy.

To meet its expanding business needs, Holtec International built the 50 acre state-of-the art $260 million Krishna P. Singh Technology Campus on the Delaware River in the economically depressed city of Camden, NJ. This project has helped revitalize Camden, a former bastion of technology and manufacturing excellence, after five decades of decline. The  Camden Campus houses a technology center, a large manufacturing facility and a reactor test loop and several auxiliary buildings to support the ongoing development of Holtec’s small modular reactor, SMR-160+. The company expects to train and employ over a thousand workers from Camden and vicinity, including war veterans, in the first two years of operation to rejuvenate the manufacturing base in the South Jersey region.

The company’s corporate credo, “A Generation Ahead by Design” has guided Holtec’s business initiatives since the company’s founding in the mid-eighties. In practical terms, it means meeting the emerging needs of the industry through innovation.

Among the many examples to industry leadership through innovation is Holtec’s HI-STORM UMAX technology which provides underground storage of used nuclear fuel that is unperturbed by flood, high water table, tsunamis, or hurricanes, and is seen by the industry observers as the ultimate foil to the kind of terror that struck on 9/11.

A great bulk of the company’s business backlog consists of turnkey undertakings wherein Holtec develops the design of a device or a system, secures its certification by appropriate government authorities, effectuates all required manufacturing, and finally, executes on-site installation, testing, and commissioning.

Since 2010, Holtec has been engaged in the development of a walk-away safe small modular reactor that the Company hopes will re-validate its reputation as the developer of transformative technologies. Through SMR-160+, the Company aims for nothing short of remaking nuclear energy by making it a benign and unconditionally safe source of power for people and businesses everywhere.

Another principal product line of the company is the supply of a wide variety of heat exchange equipment to all segments of the power industry, including the nuclear, cogeneration, and resource recovery sectors. Over 120 power plants in four continents employ Holtec-supplied main steam surface condensers and feed water heaters. A great many auxiliary heat exchangers used in the presently operating NSSS systems are of Holtec’s design.

Enabling the energy industry to produce power safely and in harmony with the environment underlies Holtec’s decades old commitment to serve the power industry. A similar sense of commitment to the environment has been behind the company’s program, launched in 2003, to develop the air-cooled condenser technology that relies on air rather than water as the heat sink to run power plants. Reduced reliance on water, an increasingly precious resource in many parts of the world, is clearly an emerging societal need, and therefore, a suitable corporate calling for Holtec International.

Holtec’s management cherishes the company’s unblemished record of performance (no client litigation, no long-term debt, no unprofitable fiscal year, and no client call on any posted bond, etc.) that has enabled the banks and insurance companies to view Holtec as a zero-risk borrower.