Environmental Justice is an integral part of Holtec’s corporate mission and corporate governance infrastructure. The principles of our commitment to environmental justice apply to the welfare of Holtec’s associates, its contractors and to the communities that may be impacted by a Holtec project, as spelled out in the following seven articles of the company’s Environmental Justice mission:

  1. Support policies and regulatory actions that advance the use of clean, reliable, and affordable carbon-free nuclear energy to protect the health, environment, and economic well-being of communities.
  2. Integrate environmental justice considerations in Holtec’s project plans so as to meet the laws, regulations, and policies that protect public health, safety, and the environment.
  3. Integrate environmental justice considerations into company business practices, including those related to selection of contractors and suppliers.
  4. Ensure that no Holtec associate is discriminated against for reason of ethnicity, religious beliefs or social background.
  5. Employ Holtec’s Learning Management Systems and other training tools to inculcate a deep understanding of Environmental Justice considerations in all work practices.
  6. Secure input from disadvantaged communities in the affected areas around a project facility to identify and address environmental justice issues.
  7. Maintain effective outreach to disadvantaged communities to enable meaningful participation by the affected citizens.