Spent Fuel Storage Racks

Holtec International is the most experienced developer of fuel storage racks in the world, having designed, licensed, and fabricated fuel storage racks for over 100 operating reactors worldwide since the Company’s founding. Holtec wet fuel storage technology leadership continues through the development of high density racks for the latest generation reactors, APR-1400 and ABWR, for providing capacity expansion solutions at operating plants, and through our site services group.

Holtec’s technical innovations in all facets of fuel rack technology includes pioneering the technology to increase existing spent fuel pool storage capacity as well as introducing the industry’s first porosity-free metal matrix composite, Metamic™. Metamic™ has become the industry’s mainstay for reactivity control.

Holtec provides high-density spent fuel storage racks, both flux trap (Region 1) design and non-flux trap (Region 2) design, of honeycomb prismatic construction. Holtec also provides new fuel storage racks and in-containment fuel storage racks. Holtec’s wet fuel storage racks are fabricated at the Holtec Manufacturing Division.