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Dear visitor:

As you might deduce from perusing through the contents of this website, our communications staff has made a valiant effort to summarize the essential information on our company that may be of possible interest to you. We hope we have succeeded in our principal goal which is to provide you factual material in a manner that exposes the soul and substance of our company.

We believe that the essence of our company is defined by the people who work here and who, through their daily exertions, give utterance to its soul. The photo above showing a cross section of our craftsman in front of a massive hardware built by them is quite emblematic: our people stand at the front and center of our company. We are a proud and successful company because we are blessed with the finest professionals in the land. Although we own an impressive array of fixtures, machinery, and equipment in our manufacturing plants along with a large body of processes, procedures, patents, and proprietary technical literature, our most precious asset is the loyalty and sense of commitment of people who call Holtec their home. It is they who uphold our values, burnish our reputation, and strive to win our clients’ accolades every living day. It is they who bring us success and, when things begin to go awry, work tirelessly to avert failure. Behind all the attainments that we so proudly observe in these pages, lies the hard work of our silent heroes who reside in our offices, laboratories, and factories on three continents.

You will also learn that we execute our projects turnkey, i.e., we deliver design, manufacturing, site construction, site services, and commissioning using our own resources. Indeed, we are the most vertically integrated company in the nuclear power industry today, possibly in the entire power industry. We did not start out that way: in the 1980s we were designers of plant systems and components content to farm out manufacturing and site services portions of the work effort to third party subcontractors. This model of external reliance, however, failed to meet the level of consistent client satisfaction that we believed to be essential to our reputation. The result was a series of consolidations over the past 20 years to vertically integrate our capabilities which has led us to where we are today. Our future direction of emphasis and growth would likewise be influenced by the need to deliver absolute client satisfaction at all times at all costs.

In our continuous quest for excellence, we are fortunate to have the steadfast support of our clients who have formed a collegial body called the Holtec User Group (HUG) on our side. HUG, in existence since 1998, has become a uniquely resourced bastion of know how in the field of management of used nuclear fuel.

As I write this piece, I am well aware that our principal theater of action, the commercial nuclear industry, is besieged from all sides. We have resolved to join the fight to revive the industry because we consider nuclear to be critical to combat rising green house gas concentrations in the atmosphere. Our fight is not political or societal. Rather it is purely technological. We are convinced that we can design a new generation nuclear reactor that will be unconditionally safe and acceptably economical to build. Accordingly, we have arrogated to ourselves the challenge to develop a wholly new nuclear reactor system which we call SMR-160+. You can well appreciate the strength of our commitment if you consider that we have been pursuing the R&D on SMR-160+ since 2010 entirely with our own funds.

Another area of our corporate concentration is also environment related which is entwined with our mission to provide a stainless steel air cooled condenser (so far unavailable in the industry) that can be used to run power plants without using (increasingly scarce) water. We are tantalizingly close to our goal: the factory to produce our patented stainless steel air cooled condensers will be commissioned in the fall of 2015.

In addition to our deep moorings in nuclear, air cooled condensers, feedwater heaters, water cooled condensers, steam generators, pre-heaters and repeaters are among the variety of heat exchange equipment designed and built by us that link us to the solar, petrochemical, geothermal, and fossil power industries.

You will inevitably learn more about our products and services as you navigate this site. If an exposition is not adequate or easy to follow, please contact us and we will clarify the key points addressed above and answer any questions that you have about our company.

Dr. Kris Singh
President & CEO