Holtec provides water-cooled condensers designed and fabricated to the highest standards, offering superior performance, efficiency and reliability to the commercial and nuclear power industries. Holtec condensers, including steam surface condensers and bypass condensers, are custom engineered for power plants ranging in output from 10MW to 1500MW.

Holtec’s water-cooled condensers are designed for a variety of configurations, such as cylindrical, inverted “U,” rectangular, axial exhaust, down exhaust, single or multiple pressure, single or multiple shell, divided or non-divided waterbox, as well as combinations designed to meet our clients’ needs.

Characteristics that enhance the reliability and performance of Holtec condensers include proper steam distribution, optimized steam lanes in the tube layout, efficient collection of non-condensable gases in a optimally sized and located air cooling zone, stripping of the dripping condensate to minimize oxygen content in the hotwell, leak-tight tubesheet joints, and modular construction to minimize field erection.

Partial List of Water-Cooled Steam Surface Condensers Supplied to the Global Power Industry

Project NameLocationPlant SizeEffective Surface Area
Ashalim SolarAshalim, Israel121 MW52,820 sq. ft.
Punta CatalinaPunta Catalina-Hatillo, Dominican Republic2 x 385 MW174,690 sq. ft.
Baja CaliforniaBaja, California, U.S.A.300 MW71,747 sq. ft.
Queen Elizabeth Repowering ProjectSaskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada200 MW71,162 sq. ft.
Brigadier LopezSanto Tomé, Santa Fe, Argentina280 MW69,174 sq. ft.
Newark Energy CenterNewark, New Jersey, U.S.A.655 MW175,245 sq. ft.
Planta Generadora La Caridad IISonora, Mexico250 MW91,143 sq. ft.
LCRA Ferguson Replacement ProjectHorseshoe Bay, Texas, U.S.A.540 MW140,939 sq. ft.
Nizhnevartovsk Power ProjectNizhnevartovsk, Russia800 MW70,414 sq. ft.
Russell City Energy CenterHayward, California, U.S.A.600 MW138,103 sq. ft.
Petrobrazi ProjectConstanta, Romania860 MW220,743 sq. ft.
Oseong Combined Cycle PlantSouth Korea500 MW205,201 sq. ft.
Takoradi T3 ProjectGhana, Africa130 MW40,313 sq. ft.
Marcinelle Power PlantCharleroi, Belgium420 MW147,746 sq. ft.
Sino Iron ProjectCape Preston, Australia450 MW33,030 sq. ft.