Holtec provides water cooled condensers designed and fabricated to the highest standards, offering superior performance, efficiency and reliability to the commercial and nuclear power industries. Holtec condensers are custom engineered for power plants ranging in output from 10MW to 1500MW.

Holtec’s water cooled condensers are designed for a variety of configurations, such as cylindrical, inverted “U”, rectangular, axial exhaust, down exhaust, single or multiple pressure, single or multiple shell, divided or non-divided waterbox, as well as combinations designed to meet our clients needs.

Characteristics that enhance the reliability and performance of Holtec condensers include proper steam distribution, optimized steam lanes in the tube layout, efficient collection of non-condensible gases in a optimally sized and located air cooling zone, stripping of the dripping condensate to minimize oxygen content in the hotwell, leak tight tube-tubeshet joints, and modular construction to minimize field erection.

Holtec’s water cooled condenser products include steam surface condensers and bypass condensers. Holtec’s feedwater heaters are designed using state-of-the-art technology at the Corporate Technology Center in Marlton, NJ and fabricated using the latest manufacturing techniques at Holtec Manufacturing Division (HMD) located in Turtle Creek, PA.