Nourishing a world class nuclear safety culture is a principal responsibility of Holtec’s executive management. The core values and behaviors of safety espoused by the Company’s nuclear organization are best summarized in the core values and behaviors of nuclear safety culture, excerpted below, that are relentlessly emphasized by Holtec’s senior leadership through various internal communications to the company associates. Holtec’s Vice Presidents in charge of renewable, fossil, geothermal, and other non-nuclear business units are likewise expected to foster a strong safety culture in their organizations.

Core Values and Behaviors of Holtec’s Nuclear Safety Culture

  1. Everyone is personally responsible for nuclear safety.
  2. Leaders demonstrate commitment to nuclear safety in their decisions and behaviors.
  3. Trust and respect permeates the organization.
  4. Decision-making must reflect nuclear safety first. Decisions must be systematic, rigorous, and thoroughly evaluated.
  5. Individuals are encouraged to raise nuclear safety concerns without fear of retaliation, intimidation, harassment, or discrimination.
  6. A questioning attitude is cultivated. Every one abjures complacency and continually challenges existing conditions and activities in order to identify discrepancies that might result in error or inappropriate action.
  7. Organizational learning is embraced. Opportunities to learn about ways to ensure safety are sought out and implemented.
  8. Internal and external communications maintain a focus on nuclear safety.
  9. Issues that may potentially impact nuclear safety are promptly identified, fully evaluated, and promptly addressed and corrected commensurate with their significance.
  10. The process of planning and controlling work activities is implemented so that nuclear safety is maintained.

Personnel safety is a part of overall nuclear safety.  For information related to personnel safety, please read Holtec’s Safety Doctrine.