Holtec International considers the pursuit of safety to be holistic activity in every aspect of every project’s life cycle.

The Company’s management at all levels continuously strives to infuse the workforce at all of its worldwide operation centers with the essentials of the Company’s safety ethos, abstracted below:

  • A safe and collegial work environment fosters a safe design and a safe project outcome.
  • Holtec’s personnel must be vocal adherents of the company mantra, “Safety starts with me” at their places of work.
  • The central place accorded to safety in the Company’s corporate culture begets a robust quality assurance that begets a safe project outcome.
  • Instructing the workers at all levels into the safety initiatives that are woven into the product’s design, manufacturing, and commissioning phases of a project insures a well-informed workforce that facilitates a safe and high quality project outcome.

The above tenets are further articulated in the Nuclear Power Division’s safety precepts that mirror those promulgated by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.