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The highest levels of quality, performance and cost competitiveness in the global market

Holtec Asia’s Precision Fabrication Systems manufacturing plant is located in the developing industrial town of Dahej, India. This state-of-art facility was designed to support the “Make in India” initiative. Beginning operations in April 2017, on 6,300 square meters of manufacturing floor space, this plant primarily produces HI-MAX and HI-KOOL Air-Cooled Condenser Systems. Holtec Asia will soon expand its plant’s footprint to 13,700 square meters, adding cutting-edge equipment and services. With this expansion, Precision Fabrication Systems will strengthen its capabilities with the following machinery and resources:

  • CNC plate cutting machine
  • CNC vertical machining centres
  • Hydraulic press
  • Drilling machines
  • Semi-automatic shot blasting room and isolated painting room

With this production capacity, Holtec Asia will be counted amongst the best and the largest in the industry with installed capacity to produce bundles for 2x800MW power plants every year.

Precision Fabrication Systems

Manufacturing Facility

Z/103/E, Dahej SEZ Part II, Vagra
Bharuch, Gujarat, 392130, India
Tel: +91.26.4127.7900

High-Speed Aluminium Fin Profiling Machine
High Pressure Chemical Washer
Industry-leading Controlled Atmosphere Brazing Furnace

Quality Assurance

One Approved Supplier List

One Corrective Action Program

One Set of Operating Procedures

One Digital Control System

Holtec Asia uses techniques that ensure the highest levels of quality, performance and cost competitiveness in the global market. Employing over 200 experienced personnel, Holtec Asia has a stringent culture of quality assurance. All of the products produced in our factory are subject to the highest levels of testing and auditing meeting standards worldwide. This corporate quality culture permeates the entire organization, including the design center, the shop floors, and the job site. Holtec Asia utilizes the following codes and consensus standards in manufacturing: Structural Steel : AISC, Ducting : ASME, Tube Bundles : ASTM, Motors : NEMA, Gearbox : AGMA, Fan : CTI, Deaerator : HEI, SJAE/LRVP: ACC HEI, Valves : ASME.