The following list contains patents held by Holtec International that have been granted or are in process:

TitleYearEquipment TypeDocketPatent No.Statustitle_hfilterdate_hfiltertags_hfilterdocket_hfilterNumber_hfilterStatus_hfilter
Nuclear Reactor System Having Natural Circulation of Primary Coolant2020HOL-041US 10,726,962 B2Grantedsmr-160
Passive Reactor Cooling System2020HOL-081US 10,720,249 B2Grantedfuel-rack
Method of Storing High Level Radioactive Waste2020HOL-120US 10,714,223 B2Grantedhi-storm
Thermal Sleeve and Variable Vent Throttling to protect Used Fuel Bearing Canisters from Stress Corrosion Cracking in a Ventilated Storage System2020HOL-13863/043,812Pendingmpc
Container and System for Handling Damaged Nuclear Fuel, and Method of Making the Same2020HOL-053US 10,692,617 B2Granteddamaged-fuel-canister
Atomized Pisoscale Composite Aluminum Alloy and Method Thereof2020HOL-045US 10,676,805 B2Grantedmetamic-ht
Component Cooling Water System for Nuclear Power Plant2020, HOL-070US 10,672,523 B2Grantedccw smr-160
Space Saver Flanged Joint for a Nuclear Reactor Vessel2020HOL-062US 10,665,357 B2Grantedsmr-160
Loss-of-Coolant Accident Reactor Cooling System2020HOL-082US 10,665,354 B2Grantedsmr-160
Rack for Underwater Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel2020HOL-093US 10,650,933 B2Grantedfuel-rack
Manifold system for the ventilated storage of high level waste and a method of using the same to store high level waste in a below-grade environment2020HOL-009US 10,614,924 B2Grantedhi-storm-100m
The Pressure Surge Protector for Casks Used for Sequestering Used Fuel from the Environment2020HOL-13763/043,812Pendinghi-storm
A Device for Cooling Fan Motors Used in Induced Draft Air Cooler Condensers2020HOL-13662/986,401Pendingair-cooled-condenser
Nuclear Reactor Shroud2020HOL-080US 10,580,539 B2Grantedsmr-160
A Fail-Safe Control Rod Drive System for Nuclear Reactor2020, HOL-067US 10,573,418 B2Grantedcrds smr-160
A Fail-Safe Control Rod Drive System for Nuclear Reactor2020, HOL-067US 10,573,419 B2Grantedcrds smr-160
Storage and Transport Cask for Nuclear Waste2020HOL-13562/979,640Pendinghi-star
Heavily Shielded Unventilated Cask for Storing Nuclear Waste2020HOL-13462/969,183Pendingmpc
Snap-in Insert for Reactivity Control in Spent Nuclear Fuel Pools and Casks2020HOL-064US 10,535,440 B2Grantedvertical-air-cooled-condenser
Method for Preparing Spent Nuclear Fuel for Dry Storage2020HOL-008US 10,535,439 B2Grantedfhd
An Impact Amelioration Device to Minimize Deceleration Loads from Colliding Hard Surfaces2019HOL-13362/954,083Pendingtransfer-cask
Brazing Compositions and Uses Thereof2019HOL-075US 10,512,990 B2Grantedair-cooled-condenser
Apparatus for Storing and/or Transporting Radioactive Materials2019HOL-107US 10,515,730 B2Grantedhi-storm
Fuel Basket with Prismatic Storage Cells and Integral Basket Shims (IBS)2019HOL-13262/945,587Pendingfuel-basket
Autonomous self-powered system for removing thermal energy from pools of liquid heated by radioactive materials, and method of the same2019HOL-047US 10,472,996 B2Grantedhi-cool
Environmentally Sequestered Spent Fuel Pool2019HOL-092US 10,468,145 B2Grantedspent-fuel-pool
High-Density Subterranean Storage System for Nuclear Fuel and Radioactive Waste2019HOL-078US 10,446,287 B2Grantedhi-storm-cis
System for Low Profile Translation of High Level Radioactive Waste2019HOL-030US 10,446,285 B2Grantedhi-storm
Perforated Impact Limiter for Cask Used in Transport Service for Spent Nuclear Fuel and Other Nuclear Waste2019HOL-13162/910,073Pendinghi-star-100
System and Method for Reclaiming Energy from Heat Emanating from Spent Nuclear Fuel2019HOL-042US 10,418,136 B2Grantedumax
Self-Aligning Neutron Absorbing Apparatus for Reactivity Mitigation in Nuclear Fuel Storage Systems2019, HOL-111US 10,418,137 B2Grantedfuel-rack wet-storage
Container for Storing And/Or Transporting Spent Nuclear Fuel2019HOL-108US 10,410,756 B2Grantedhi-star
Steam Generator for Nuclear Steam Supply System2019HOL-083US 10,395,783 B2Grantedsmr-160
A Device for Shielding a Cask Containing Fissile Nuclear Materials2019HOL-13062/890,813Pendingshield-jacket
A Portable Robotic Welder2019HOL-12962/887,984Pendingportable-robotic-welder
Method of Storing High Level Radioactive Waste2019HOL-018US 10,373,722 B2Grantedhi-storm
Vertical Bundle Air Cooled Heat Exchanger, Method of Manufacturing the Same, and Power Generation Plant Implementing the Same2019HOL-051US 10,343,240 B2Grantedair-cooled-heat-exchanger
Apparatus for Storing and/or Transporting High Level Radioactive Waste, and Method for Manufacturing the Same2019HOL-025US 10,332,642 B2Grantedhi-storm-fw
Air Induced-Draft Air-Cooled Condenser Amenable to Efficient On-Site Assembly2019HOL-128Provisionalair-cooled-condenser
Wet Storage Facility for Nuclear Fuel2019HOL-089US 10,311,987 B2Grantedhi-west
Tubular Heat Exchanger Having Multiple Shell-Side and Tube-Side Fluid Passes2019HOL-102US 10,295,266 B2Grantedheat-exchanger
Storage System for Nuclear Fuel2019HOL-085US 10,297,356 B2Grantedcompact-fuel-dehydrator
System and Method for Preparing a Container Loaded with Wet Radioactive Elements for Dry Storage2019HOL-002US 10,229,764 B2Grantedfhd
A Method to Passively Cool a Cask Containing Heat Generating Materials During Short Term Operations2019HOL-12762/806,144Provisionalwet-storage
A Passive Fail-Proof Cooler for Casks Containing Fissile Materials2019HOL-12662/799,868Provisionaltransfer-cask
Dry Cooling System for Power Plants2018HOL-10310,161,683 B2Grantedair-blast-chiller
Ventilated System for Storing High Level Radioactive Waste2018HOL-054US 10,147,509 B2Grantedhi-storm-100u
Removable Lid Canister for Safe Confinement of Used Fuel2018HOL-12562/772,986Provisionalmpc
Shutdown System for a Nuclear Steam Supply System2018HOL-073US 10,115,487 B2Grantedsmr-160
Apparatus for Supporting Spent Nuclear Fuel2018HOL-088US 2018/0301231 A1Publishedhdfsr
Nuclear Steam Supply System2018HOL-068US 10,102,936 B2Grantedsmr-160
System and Method for Minimizing Movement of Nuclear Fuel Racks During a Seismic Event2018HOL-071US 2018/0277269 A1Publishedfuel-rack
Optimized Nuclear Fuel Core Design for a Small Modular2018HOL-115US 2018/0277260 A1Publishedsmr-160
Flood and Wind Resistant Ventilated Module for Storing Used Fuel Canisters2018HOL-12462/729,482Provisionalmpc
High Earthquake-Resistant Fuel Storage Rack System for Fuel Pools in Nuclear Plants2018HOL-114US 2018/0247720 A1Publishedfuel-rack
Method for Storing Radioactive Waste, and System for Implementing the Same2018HOL-056US 10,049,777 B2Grantedhi-storm
Canister Apparatus for Dry Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel and Method of Using the Same2018HOL-013US 2018/0277273 A1Publisheddwc
Optimized Weight Multi-Component Transfer Cask for Maximum Radiation Blockage2018HOL-123Provisionaltransfer-cask
Passively-Cooled Spent Nuclear Fuel Pool System2018HOL-069US 2018/0277264 A1Publishedhi-cool
Dose Attenuation Device to Improve the Effectiveness of Storage and Transport Devices for Used Nuclear Fuel2018HOL-12262/669,665Provisionalfuel-basket
Fuel Basket for Spent Nuclear Fuel and Container Implementing the Same2018HOL-100US 2018/0122527 A1Publishedmpc
Axi-Flow Baffle for Tubular Heat Exchangers2018HOL-12162/655,858Provisionalheat-exchanger
Nuclear Power Generation System2018HOL-074US 9,922,740 B2Grantedsmr-160
Underground System and Apparatus for Storing Spent Nuclear Fuel2018HOL-014US 9,916,911 B2Grantedhi-storm-100u
System and Method of Storing and/or Transferring High Level Radioactive Waste2018HOL-060US 2018/0061515 A1Publishedumax
Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger and System and Method of Using the Same to Remove Waste Thermal Energy from Radioactive Materials2018HOL-048US 2018/0040386 A1Publishedairblast-hx
Tubular Heat Exchanger with Non-Parallel Tubesheets2018HOL-11962/630,573Provisionalheat-exchanger
Apparatus for Supporting Radioactive Fuel Assemblies and Methods for Manufacturing the Same2018HOL-017US 2018/0025796 A1Publishedfuel-basket
A Reactivity Control Device for Storing Nuclear Fuel2018HOL-099US 9,875,819 B2Grantedhi-sert
Nuclear Fuel Core, Nuclear Fuel Cartridge, and Methods of Fueling and/or Defueling a Nuclear Reactor2018HOL-066US 2018/0144835 A1Publishedsmr-160
Container for Radioactive Waste2018HOL-043US 2018/0322970 A1Publishedhi-storm
Nuclear Steam Supply System2017HOL-061US 9,852,820 B2Grantedsmr-160
A Radioactive Material Storage Canister and Method for Sealing Same2017HOL-076US 9,779,843 B2Grantedlts-weld
Structurally Efficient and Installation-Friendly Air-Cooled Condenser2017HOL-11862/564,000Provisionalair-cooled-condenser
Treating the External Surface of Shell-Type Stainless Steel Structures to Protect Against Stress Corrosion Cracking2017HOL-11762/551,914Provisionalmpc
Cask Apparatus, System and Method for Transporting and/or Storing High Level Waste2017HOL-011US 9,672,948 B2Grantedhi-safe
Nuclear Waste Storage Canisters2017HOL-105US 2017/0110210 A1Publishedmpc
Heat Exchanger Apparatus for Converting a Shell-Side Liquid into a Vapor2017HOL-026US 9,612,058 B2Grantedheat-exchange-equipment
Steam Conditioning System2017HOL-086US 9,593,598 B2Grantedsteam-sparger-device
Thermally Efficient Tubular Heat Exchanger2017HOL-11662/526,13Provisionalheat-exchanger
Apparatus, System and Method for Facilitating Transfer of High Level Waste to and/or From a Spent Fuel Pool2016HOL-029US 8,277,746 B2Grantedwet-transfer
Ventilated Transfer Cask with a High Integrity Lifting Feature and an Integral Impact Limiter2016HOL-079US 9,466,400 B2Grantedhi-trac
System and Method for the Ventilated Storage of High Level Radioactive Waste in a Clustered Arrangement2016HOL-001US 9,460,821Grantedhi-storm
System and Method for Storing and Leak Testing a Radioactive Materials Storage Canister2016HOL-072US 9,442,037 B2Grantedmpc
Container System for Radioactive Waste2016HOL-059US 9,396,824 B2Grantedmpc
Macro-Particle Reinforced Metamic HT2016HOL-097US 2016/0256928 A1Pendingmetamic-ht
A Multi-Cavity Canister Transfer Facility2016HOL-106Provisionalctf
Apparatus, System and Method for Storing High Level Waste2016HOL-007US 9,269,464 B2Grantedhi-star
System, Method and Apparatus for Providing Additional Radiation Shielding to High Level Radioactive Materials2015HOL-038US 9,208,914 B2Grantedhi-shield
Joining Process for Neutron Absorbing Materials2015HOL-077US 2015/0336204 A1Publishedfriction-stir-welding
Construction-Efficient Air Cooled Heat Exchanger in Outdoors Service2015HOL-104Provisionalair-cooled-heat-exchanger
Method for Controlling Temperature of a Portion of a Radioactive Waste Storage System and for Implementing the Same2015HOL-055US 9,105,365 B2Grantedhi-storm
Storage System for Nuclear Fuel2015HOL-057US 2015/0221402 A1Publishedfuel-rack
Passive Reactor Containment Protection System2015HOL-063US 9,786,393 B2Grantedsmr-160
Finned Tube Assemblies for Heat Exchangers2015, HOL-058US 2015/0027697 A1Publishedair-cooled-condenser hi-max
Neutron Absorbing Fuel Insert Fabrication Techniques2014HOL-095Provisionalhi-sert
System and Method for Transferring and/or Working Near a Radioactive Payload Using Shield-Gate Apparatus2014HOL-050US 9,047,996 B2Grantedfilter-cask
Method of Transferring High Level Radioactive Materials, and System for the Same2014HOL-039US 8,718,221 B2Grantedwet-transfer
Single-Plate Neutron Absorbing Apparatus and Method of Manufacturing the Same2014HOL-024US 8,681,924 B2Granteddream
Heat Exchanger for Accommodating Thermal and/or Pressure Transients2013HOL-015US 8,602,089 B2Grantedheat-exchange-equipment
Apparatus and Method for Supporting Fuel Assemblies in an Underwater Environment Having Lateral Access Loading2012HOL-004US 8,139,706 B2Grantedfuel-rack
Method of Removing Radioactive Materials from Submerged State and/or Preparing Spent Nuclear Fuel for Dry Storage2011, , HOL-016US 8,067,659 B2Grantedhi-trac transfer-cask water-jacket
Method and Apparatus for Transporting and/or Storing Radioactive Materials having a Jacket Adapted to Facilitate Thermosiphon Fluid Flow2011HOL-022US 7,994,380 B2Grantedhi-trac
Heat Exchanger Apparatus2010HOL-027US 2010/0282451 A1Publishedheat-exchange-equipment
Apparatus for Providing Additional Radiation Shielding to a Container Holding Radioactive Materials, and Method of Using the Same to Handle and/or Process Radioactive Materials2010HOL-012US 7,786,456 B2Grantedshielded-transfer-canister
Method and Apparatus for Maximizing Radiation Shielding During Cask Transfer Procedures2008HOL-021US 7,330,525 B2Grantedhi-trac
Fin Tube Assembly for Heat Exchanger and Method2007HOL-032US 7,293,602 B2Grantedair-cooled-condenser
Forced Gas Flow Canister Dehydration2007HOL-003US 7,210,247 B2Grantedfhd
Below Grade Cask Transfer Facility2006HOL-031US 7,139,358 B2Grantedctf
Autonomous Cask Translocation Crane2005HOL-023US 6,957,942 B2Grantedcrane
System and Method for Transferring Spent Nuclear Fuel from a Spent Nuclear Fuel Pool to a Storage Cask2005HOL-037US 6,853,697 B2Grantedmating-device
Seismic Cask Stabilization Device2005HOL-036US 6,848,223 B2Grantedhermit
Ventilated Vertical Overpack2004HOL-020US 6,718,000 B2Grantedhi-storm
Deaeration of Makeup Water in a Steam Surface Condenser2003HOL-033US 6,619,042 B2Grantedsurface-condenser
External Steam Dump2002HOL-006US 6,481,208 B1Grantedsurface-condenser
Apparatus Suitable for Transporting and Storing Nuclear Fuel Rods and Methods for Using the Apparatus2000HOL-0056,064,710Grantedhi-storm
Extrusion Fabrication Process for Discontinuous Carbide Particulate Metal Matrix Composites and Super Hypereutectic A1/SI2000HOL-0526,042,779Grantedmetamic-ht
Radiation Absorbing Refractory Composition1999HOL-0495,965,829Grantedmetamic