Multi-Component Cask for Storage and Transport of Spent Nuclear Fuel

Primary Inventor: Krishna P. SinghDate: Jun. 22, 2021Status: GrantedJurisdiction: USAssignee: Holtec InternationalEquipment Type: Transfer CaskDocket Number: HOL-123Application Number: 16/434,620Patent Number: US 11,043,312 B2Prior Publication Data: US 2020/0027612 A1, Jan. 23, 2020Related U.S. Application Data: Provisional application No.…

A Passive Fail-Proof Cooler for Casks Containing Fissile Materials

Primary Inventor: Krishna P. SinghContributing Inventor(s): Date: February 1, 2019Status: ProvisionalJurisdiction: Assignee: Equipment Type: Transfer CaskDocket Number: HOL-126Application Number: 62/799,868Patent Number:Prior Publication Data: Related U.S. Application Data:Abstract: