HDI Harnesses New Technologies for Enhanced Decommissioning of Nuclear Plants

Members of Holtec International’s Decommissioning Advisory Board met on October 29, 2019 to assay advances made by the Company in its first year of decommissioning endeavors related to Oyster Creek (formerly Exelon’s) and Pilgrim (formerly Entergy’s) nuclear plants. This board is comprised of noted industry stalwarts representing many of North America’s leading nuclear operators.

Heat Transfer Division to Provide an Innovative Air-Cooled Condenser System for Jackson Generation in Illinois

We are pleased to announce that a leading architect, engineer and constructor in the United States, has awarded a contract to Holtec International to provide the Company’s patented innovative induced draft air cooled condenser (ACC) system for a power generation project in Elwood, Illinois. The shorthand for Holtec’s induced draft air-cooled condenser system is “HI-KOOL.”

Camden Names its Police Headquarters After Holtec’s Executive Director of Global Security

On October 23, in a ceremony attended by the leading lights of the region, the Camden County Police Administration Building was dedicated to Holtec’s Executive Director of Global Security, J. Scott Thomson, who recently retired as the police chief of the Camden County Police Department (CCPD).  Thomson was the youngest police chief in the department’s history when appointed in 2008. In, 2013, he oversaw the transition of the city police department into the Camden County police force, which was the first of its kind in modern history of American law enforcement. Within two years, the newly built organization reduced murders by 71% and crime to a 50-year low erasing Camden’s sad moniker as “America’s Most Dangerous City.” Camden’s social rebirth attracted the attention of President Obama who visited the CCPD in 2015 and hailed it as a model. (President Obama’s letter to Scott on his retirement is attached). The CCPD’s accomplishments are featured in the National Law Enforcement Museum in Washington, D.C. Each year, more than 50 police departments from around the world visit CCPD to learn its “secret sauce.” 

Holtec International and New Mexico’s Building and Construction Trade Council Forge Agreement for Building the Nation’s First Consolidated Interim Storage Facility

Holtec International and the New Mexico Building and Construction Trade Council (Council) have agreed to establish a Project Labor Agreement (PLA) to provide workers and craftsmen to construct the HI-STORE Consolidated Interim Storage Facility (CISF) in Lea County, New Mexico. Under the terms of the Commitment Agreement, Holtec will award the construction work for the HI-STORE CISF exclusively to a general contractor who agrees to implement the terms of the PLA.

Chernobyl’s dry storage facility completed by Holtec is now ready to be commissioned to process and load used fuel from its three shuttered reactors

Success at last! On August 29, 2019, Holtec’s Project team completed the comprehensive pre-commissioning program (also called Cold Tests) for the Chernobyl Interim Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage Facility (ISF-2) – the world’s largest dry storage installation. Completion of Cold Testing, marked by the demonstration of full functionality of the Facility with no major issues or impediments to licensed operation, was confirmed at the working meeting by the Ukraine’s national nuclear regulator, State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine (SNRIU) on September 6, 2019. ISF-2 will formally enter  commissioning once the Operator (Chernobyl NPP) obtains SNRIU’s individual operation license which will initiate the marathon campaign to dismember each of Chernobyl’s 21000-plus fuel assemblies into three parts (two fuel bundles and an activated connecting rod) in a purpose-built Hot Cell and place them in interim dry storage. 

Holtec International and Eos Energy Storage, LLC Team up to Establish HI-POWER, a Multi-Gigawatt Aqueous Battery Manufacturing Facility

Holtec International and Eos Energy Storage (Eos), the developer of Znyth®DC battery systems, announce the formation of HI-POWER, LLC, a multi-gigawatt manufacturing joint venture to mass produce state-of-the-art aqueous zinc batteries for industrial-scale energy storage. 

Holtec Completes Acquisition of Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station

Holtec International’s subsidiaries completed the acquisition of the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in Massachusetts from Entergy Corporation today. This asset transfer was enabled by the recent approval by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to transfer the plant’s operating license to Holtec subsidiaries: Holtec Pilgrim, LLC as the owner and Holtec Decommissioning International, LLC (HDI) as the license holder and decommissioning operator for the plant.

Reissued Version (With Minor Edits) NRC Approves Pilgrim License Transfer to Holtec for Decommissioning

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) approved the transfer of the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station operating license today from Entergy Corporation to Holtec International for decommissioning. The NRC review confirmed that Holtec met the regulatory, legal, technical and financial requirements to merit qualification as the successor licensee of the plant. 

The USNRC Certifies HI-STAR 100MB; Industry’s Most Versatile Transport Package

We thank the USNRC for their assiduous review and certification of the HI-STAR 100MB transport package (Docket # 71-9378) which, given its versatility and fungibility, is destined to become America’s workhorse for transporting used nuclear fuel. We expect this cask to be employed to transport used fuel of all different sizes and lengths from the nuclear plant sites around the country to our consolidated interim storage facility, HI-STORE CIS (under licensing) in southeastern New Mexico, or directly to a repository. 

Recently Concluded Dry Storage Campaign at Dominion’s V.C. Summer Plant Marked by Record Low Dose, Zero Safety Issues and Rapid Completion

We are pleased to announce that Holtec has successfully loaded four HI-STORM FW systems at Dominion Energy’s V.C. Summer Nuclear Station. V.C. Summer’s second spent fuel campaign was ahead of schedule with zero industrial safety events and no human performance errors. Dose to plant personnel was well below the campaign target with the total crew dose for the four-cask campaign coming in at 779 mRem, thanks to the excellent performance of the loading crew and the superb shielding imbedded in the dry storage system and ancillaries.