Reprising 2017: A Watershed Year for Holtec International

The year 2017 will be remembered as a momentous year for our Company; it is the year when our 50-acre technology campus consisting of two heavy manufacturing plants and a modern seven-story office building on the Delaware River waterfront in the city of Camden opened for business. Some 800 friends of the Company from around the world joined us in the groundbreaking ceremony on Sept. 7, 2017.

Update on the Subterranean Used Fuel Storage System, HI-STORM UMAX and the Universal Transport Package, HI-STAR 190

We are pleased to report that the HI-STORM UMAX independent spent fuel storage installation (ISFSI) is built and ready to receive multi-purpose canisters at the SONGS site (please see an aerial view below; printed with permission from UxC, Volume 23, No. 1177, September 15, 2017).

Groundbreaking Ceremony to Construct Ukraine’s Central Storage Facility Highlights the Nation’s View of Nuclear as an Indispensable Clean Energy Source

On November 9, 2017, Ukraine’s national nuclear operator, NAEK Energoatom, led by its perspicacious President, Yuri Nedashkovsky, hosted the groundbreaking ceremony for the site construction of the Central Spent Fuel Storage Facility (CSFSF). The ceremony was inaugurated by Ukraine’s Vice Prime Minister Volodynyr Kistion, and attended by hundreds of stakeholders, including people from the local region, ministers from the national government, executive management from the country’s nuclear regulator, the US ambassador to Ukraine, and many elites of the nation’s energy establishment. In their brief remarks Vice Prime Minister Kistion, Energy Minister Ihor Nasalyk, and Secretary of the Parliamentary Committee for Fuel and Energy, Viktoria Voytsitska, all spoke of the vital role of the country’s nuclear fleet as the anchor for the nation’s energy security and economic growth. US Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch called the CSFSF a “strategic asset” for the country, and a tangible evidence of America’s solidarity with Ukraine. The billions of dollars in future savings to Ukraine’s treasury was also noted by the various speakers.

Brazil’s Angra 1 & 2 and Spain’s Cofrentes Nuclear Power Plants Join the Ranks of Esteemed Holtec Clients

We are pleased to welcome Brazil’s Angra 1 & 2 and Spain’s Cofrentes nuclear power plants to our ranks of international clients who have selected Holtec’s technology through rigorous international tendering processes. The map below shows an updated list of sites deploying Holtec’s dry storage and transport technologies and services, now spanning five continents.

The HI-STAR 190 Universal Transport Cask Licensed by the USNRC and SNRIU (Ukraine)

We are pleased to report that HI-STAR 190, designed with the lofty goal to transport used nuclear fuel produced by any commercial reactor, has received its initial certification from the USNRC and the Ukrainian regulator, SNRIU. The initial license by the USNRC includes Holtec’s largest canisters MPC-37 (PWR) & MPC-89 (BWR). VVER canisters MPC-31 & MPC-85 have been certified for transport in HI-STAR 190 by SNRIU. Other canister types, supplied by Holtec and other cask suppliers and in use at various nuclear plants, will be submitted for certification at a later date to meet our clients’ evolving needs.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Marks the Grand Opening of the Krishna P. Singh Technology Campus on the Delaware Waterfront in Camden, NJ

From left to right: Senator Stephen D. Sweeney, Ambassador Sandeep Chakravorty, Ambassador Valeriy Chaly, Holtec President & CEO Dr. Krishna P. Singh, Mayor Dana Redd

Senior international, local, and New Jersey state officials joined over 700 assembled county residents, members of the media, and Holtec’s professional staff to celebrate the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at the Krishna P. Singh Technology Campus in Camden, New Jersey. Named in honor of the Company’s founder, President and CEO, Dr. Krishna P. Singh, the nearly 50-acre campus features a large manufacturing plant, a light manufacturing plant, and a 7-story engineering office building.

Peening to Fortify Multi-Purpose Canisters Against Stress Corrosion Cracking Enters Production Following Intensive R&D Effort

We are pleased to report that the “peening R&D project” to armor San Onofre’s Multi-Purpose Canisters (MPCs) as part of an overall service life extension program has been successfully completed in collaboration with the Southern California Edison (SCE) company. After extensive prototype testing and validation, the first Canister entered production on August 23rd, marking the historic first for application of peening in the dry storage industry. The NRC has been kept apprised of the process development; the relevant ASME committee has also been briefed.

USDOE to Provide Access to National Laboratories to Support SMR-160’s Ongoing R&D

We are pleased to announce that SMR, LLC has been selected to receive support from the Gateway for Accelerated Innovation in Nuclear (GAIN) for continued development of the SMR-160. On June 26, 2017, SMR, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Holtec International, was awarded a $500,000 GAIN Nuclear Energy voucher. The voucher will be redeemed for access to expertise and capabilities at a national laboratory, accelerating the innovation of the Company’s small modular reactor.

Holtec to Receive NJ’s Coveted Award for Workforce Training and Development

We are pleased to announce that Holtec International has been selected to receive the 2017 Garden State Employment & Training Association (GSETA) Corporate Partnership Award. The award will be presented at the 35th Annual GSETA Workforce Development Conference this October.

Founded in 1975, GSETA has functioned as a forum for New Jersey’s workforce development professionals to share their expertise and to promote professional development. The mission of the Association is “to provide leadership, and promote quality and excellence for the advancement of New Jersey’s workforce and its customers and professionals.”

Holtec International Confers the Energy Statesmen Award on Donald C. Hintz

Front (left to right): Kristine Svinicki, Chairman, NRC; Donald Hintz, Former President, Entergy; Dr. Kris Singh, President & CEO, Holtec. Center (left to right): PK Chaudhary, Sr. VP, Holtec; Edward Halpin, CNO and SVP, Pacific Gas & Electric, Co.; William Levis, President & COO, PSEG Power, LLC; Peter Sena, President & CNO, PSEG Nuclear, LLC; Mano Nazar, President & CNO, Nuclear Division, NextEra Energy; Pierre Oneid, CNO & Sr. VP, Holtec. Back (from left to right): Joe Pollock, VP & Interim CNO, NEI; Bill Pitesa, Sr. VP & CNO, Duke; Timothy Powell, CNO, STP Nuclear Operating Company; Joel Gebbie, CNO, American Electric Power.

On August 8, 2017, in a private ceremony at the Hay-Adams Hotel, Holtec’s Dr. Kris Singh presented the Energy Statesman Award to Mr. Donald C. Hintz for his outstanding contributions to advance and nurture nuclear power and for his decades of distinguished service to the nuclear industry to ensure a safe and green energy option for America and the world.