Nuclear Consultants International

Nuclear Consultants International

Nuclear Consultants International, LLC (NCI) is an autonomously constituted business unit of Holtec International.  NCI is chartered to support nuclear utility and industrial companies with management and technology support services. NCI’s principal area of concentration is oversight of decommissioning projects to ensure their regulatory and safety compliance with utmost consideration of ALARA. NCI advises the plant owner on licensee requirements and provides oversight activities that meet owner requirements. NCI serves as an agent of the plant owner. 

NCI’s typical scope of work involves assessing the adequacy of operating procedures and practices, personnel qualifications, training programs, risk management tools, cost control protocols, vendor screening systems, security programs (including cyber security) and personnel safety programs. NCI performs continuing assessment of the project’s quality assurance and safety metrics, cyber-security infrastructures, aging management of the fuel in dry storage, 10 CFR 72 compliance of the fuel storage system, and on-site storage of Low-Level Waste (LLW).  For Holtec International’s decommissioning projects, prior to close of the transaction, NCI acts as an agent of the owner to ensure that Holtec Decommissioning International (HDI) and Comprehensive Decommissioning International (CDI) are in full compliance with commercial agreements. Subsequent to the transaction close, NCI ensures that the supervening regulations are executed without any infraction. In the post-close phase, NCI advises on licensee’s obligations and assumes all other oversight functions and activities that typically belong in the realm of the nuclear plant’s owner. This includes performance of owner’s duties such as securing necessary site permits and assembling a qualified team of specialists to conduct periodic programmatic assessments.

NCI is also tasked with monitoring the withdrawals from the Decommissioning Trust Fund (DTF) in compliance with the applicable owner financial procedures, NRC guidelines, and IRS statues. Another key function of NCI includes an independent assessment of the investment strategies for the DTF that accords with Holtec’s conservative investment policy and emphasizes the fund’s resilience in the face of market volatility. Monitoring  the withdrawals from the DTF is also an important part of NCI’s responsibilities.

Corporate Independence: NCI is administratively independent from other Holtec entities. NCI’s management chain leads directly to the CEO of Holtec International.  NCI’s administrative independence from other Holtec operating entities engaged in decommissioning such as CDI and HDI is a critical feature of its organizational structure. 

KK Niyogi

Dr. Kalyan K. Niyogi

Executive Director, NCI

Dr. Kalyan K. Niyogi has over 47 years of experience in the design, engineering and licensing of nuclear power plants. Dr. Niyogi worked for Raytheon Engineers and Constructors from 1972 until 1996 when he joined Holtec International. His technical specialties are in the area of thermal hydraulics performance evaluation and life extension of nuclear plant systems and components. He has led the design, engineering and implementation of plant improvements for nuclear power plants. He has worked as a Project Manager and Technical Director for number of dry spent fuel storage projects. He has extensive experience in the design, licensing and commissioning in domestic and international dry storage projects.

Riaz Awan

Mr. Riaz H. Awan

Corporate Senior Director, NCI

Mr. Riaz Awan has over 40 years of distinguished experience in both the US government and the commercial nuclear industry in the US and abroad.  

In recent years, he served as the head of Holtec’s Kiev Operations Center in Ukraine overseeing the Chernobyl Used Fuel Storage Project and the Central Storage Project. In the government, Mr. Awan served in the U.S. Department of Energy/National Nuclear Security Administration (DOE/NNSA) where he provided executive level direction and oversight for large and complex nuclear programs and projects as Senior Program Manager in DOE’s International Programs Office, and as Program Manager in DOE’s Office of Nuclear Energy. 

Mr. Awan’s creditable performance at DOE led to his assignment as DOE/NNSA’s emissary overseas. For over 12 years, Mr. Awan served as the Director of the DOE Regional Office at the United States Embassy in Sofia, Bulgaria and DOE Office Director/Senior Energy Attaché at the United States Embassy in Kyiv, Ukraine.  In these positions, Mr. Awan significantly advanced the U.S. Government’s energy security and nonproliferation objectives in Central and South East Europe, the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea region, and Former Soviet Republics.

In his early professional career, Mr. Awan worked at the Bechtel Power Corporation acquiring valuable technical and inter-personal skills as a practicing engineer and group leader which he later applied at the USDOE earning kudos and awards from the Department. Mr. Awan is the recipient of the DOE/NNSA Gold Medal, Silver Medal, and Service to America Medal for National Security and International Affairs.