Nuclear Consultants International, LLC (NCI) is an autonomously constituted business unit of Holtec International. NCI is chartered to support nuclear utility and industrial companies with management and technology support services. NCI’s principal area of concentration is the oversight of decommissioning projects to ensure the utility/industrial company’s regulatory and safety compliance with utmost consideration of ALARA. 

NCI’s mission is to support our Nuclear partners in their effort to ensure that desired program and/or project expectations are met. As an autonomous entity, NCI can:

  • Act as an Owner’s Engineer. NCI performs goal-focused reviews of others work product through the deployment of Seasoned Nuclear Professionals as agents of the customer to inspect, measure, assess and respond to program and/or project performance. 
  • Be a Specialty Technology ProviderThe nuclear plant owners can leverage NCI’s stable of cutting-edge technologies to secure specialty engineering services to analyze and solve problems that produce minimum cost and maximum design margin.