Holtec is a recognized industry leader of heat exchange equipment for nuclear power plants. Holtec designs and fabricates heat exchangers in accordance with ASME Section III and Section VIII standards. Holtec’s mission critical equipment helps ensure an optimally operating heat exchanger while reducing costs and improving efficiency. Holtec’s engineers are the original developers of the auxiliary heat exchanger embodiments now standardized by the NSSS suppliers in the ‘70s in their plant designs.

Most pressurized water reactors (PWRs) and boiling water reactors (BWRs) built in the U.S. and abroad by U.S. suppliers contain shell and tube heat exchangers designed by Holtec’s engineers.

Holtec’s auxiliary heat exchangers are designed to eliminate flow induced vibration, minimize shellside and tubeside the risk of pressure drop, fit in the allocated space and render expected performance at all operating scenarios.

Types of heat exchangers for light water reactors developed by Holtec’s engineers include: Regenerative, Letdown Reheat, Moderating, Seal Water Cooler, Fuel Pool Cooler, Control Rod Drive Cooler, Residual Heat Removal Heat Exchanger, Containment Spray, and Component Cooling Water Heat Exchangers.