Vision & Values

Try not to become a man of success, but a man of value
-Albert Einstein

Our Mission

The men and women of Holtec International hold the following articles as our solemn covenant with our stakeholders around the globe:

  • We dedicate ourselves to developing technologies that protect public health and safety and provide utmost protection to the workers who use the structures, systems, and components provided by us.
  • We will maintain our corporate focus on developing technologies that help protect the environment by producing pollution free energy.
  • We consider resources dedicated to research and development to be the company’s seed corn for future growth. Considerations of short-term profits must take a backseat to nourishing next-generation technologies.
  • We will continue to apply our technical ingenuity to devise systems, structures, and components that strengthen our nation’s infrastructure against the monstrosity of the kind that visited our land on 9/11.
  • We treat every project as a solemn undertaking in which on-time performance and superb quality of goods and services are non-negotiable requirements. We will continue to build on our worldwide reputation for rock solid performance.
  • We expect unimpeachable integrity from Holtec employees in all of our dealings with clients and the regulatory agencies governing our products and services.
  • We will remain committed to fostering a stimulating work environment wherein every company associate has the opportunity to realize his/her professional potential to the maximum extent.
  • We will remain a learning organization, never resting on our laurels, forever striving for a higher plateau of excellence.



In addition to compliance with numerous laws and regulations, Holtec International aims to live up to the highest ethical standards we proclaim. Holtec International’s Corporate Governance Manual supports our approach to business practices and defines our ethical principles. The Manual summarizes the Company’s requirements pertaining to the ethical and legal responsibilities of all Company personnel while conducting the Company’s business. It also establishes the positions and responsibilities to be appointed by the Company’s Executive Committee and Board of Directors to maintain and enforce the Company’s policies.

Holtec International’s Ethical Hotline
1 (800) 465-8320 EXT. 3618

Holtec International is committed to fair competition and to mutually satisfying supplier relationships based on trust and cooperation. We have established Holtec International’s Ethical Hotline that enables you to make a report of any ethical concerns such as possible fraud, theft, integrity concerns, financial abuse or other impropriety, or ethical violations involving any contracting and procurement activity. All calls are confidential and will remain anonymous (within the constraints of legal requirements). All reported concerns will be investigated fully and monitored by our ethics committee.