Our Mission

At Holtec, we are dedicated to developing innovative technologies and solutions that serve our clients’ needs, while protecting public health and safety and the environment.

Our Vision

  • Supreme  reputation for protecting public health and safety 
  • Delivering goods and services of superior quality 
  • An array of innovative technologies for the energy industry and beyond
  • Remain a learning organization, forever striving for a higher standard of excellence

Our Values


Above all, safety is our top priority. Holtec adheres to stringent safety standards in order to ensure the safety of company personnel, the communities we serve and the environment.


Holtec International is committed to being an ideal corporate citizen by maintaining an impeccable standard of business and professional conduct. 


Accountability begins with responsibility. Every Holtec associate is a steward to the environment and accountable for the community in which we serve.


At Holtec, we know that success is a result of collective creativity, motivation and ideals. We foster and encourage teamwork at all levels.

Open Communication

Holtec is committed to open, honest and frequent communication with our neighbors and stakeholders to educate, engage and enlighten.