Holtec International has been steadily developing and deploying cloud-based applications in all aspects of its operations. These applications have transformed our processes, enabling our offices and subsidiaries to successfully collaborate on interlaced activities in real time. 

Accounting: Our Accounting applications have given our personnel the ability to manage an entire spectrum of activities, from invoice processing to general ledger management.

Administration: Our Administration applications feature a schedule control program, software to manage remote and in-office work, payroll processing and electronic expense report management. 

Engineering: Our Engineering applications seamlessly integrate technical renderings in SOLIDWORKS, AutoCAD and SmartPlant with research and development documents, and client deliverables.

Finance: Our finance applications provide real-time data on cash flow, future projections and performance metrics to support a prudent investment strategy for surplus capital.

Manufacturing: Our manufacturing applications manage the quality and production of materials and parts. This allows us to track the entire fabrication process including stock inventory, work progress and documents.

Project Management: Our Project Management team uses custom applications to ensure that project objectives are met on schedule and on budget with the utmost safety and adherence to policies and procedures. 

Quality Assurance: Our Quality Assurance applications provide our personnel access to record and reference information such as lessons learned, supplier audits and OSHA-required statistics. 

Sales and Marketing: Ours Sales and Marketing teams use software applications to organize budget material and document communications with clients.

Supply Chain Management: Our supply chain management software provides a digital platform for our diversified approved supplier list, purchase and change orders, and internal inspections.

Site Services: Our suite of software has transformed the efficiency and accuracy of remotely-executed projects, allowing for real time collaboration between our in-office and on-site associates.