The Holtec Manufacturing Division is located in East Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, about 10 miles east of downtown and 25 miles from Greater Pittsburgh International Airport. The fabrication plant occupies over 700,000 square feet of heavy fabrication shop space in the Keystone Commons Industrial Facility (formerly Westinghouse East Pittsburgh Works, which also housed George Westinghouse’s office, now a registered historic building). This 92-acre site is serviced by truck and rail siding to the factory floor.

While HMD maintains a cadre of skilled industrial engineers in the offices adjacent to the fabrication facility, it also has total and immediate access to the vast technical and management resources at Holtec’s Camden, New Jersey operation center. In all custom-engineered and/or safety-significant projects, the corporate engineering organization based in New Jersey stands ready to support HMD’s manufacturing undertakings.

Holtec Manufacturing Division

Holtec Manufacturing Division

750 Braddock Avenue
East Pittsburgh, PA 15112
Tel: +1.412.823.3773

All shop areas are serviced by bridge cranes ranging from 10 to 200-ton capacity. Heavy machining is performed on CNC vertical and horizontal milling and boring machines. Two CNC plasma-cutting systems, complete with 14 x 40 foot water tables provide for efficient and accurate part preparation. Metal forming operations are performed by CNC press brakes and bending rolls. HMD employs the latest technology in water jet cutting, laser cutting, grit blast and painting in an environmentally controlled autonomous in-shop paint facility. Nondestructive testing capabilities include the entire gamut of methods used in the metal fabrication industry, such as liquid penetrant, magnetic particle, radiographic, helium leak, hydrostatic, ultrasonic, load and functional testing. In addition, the factory is served by a proven array of subcontractors who provide a multitude of services ranging from laboratory testing services to laser metal cutting.

Over 80% of HMD’s manufactured equipment are destined for commercial nuclear plants.

HMD has differentiated itself as a distinguished manufacturer for discerning clients by a total commitment to nuclear quality, by maintaining a first-rate manufacturing infrastructure and by a vigorous program of developing and nurturing high quality craftsmanship. State-of-the-art manufacturing machinery supported by a cutting-edge information management system constitutes the manufacturing infrastructure of the company which produces hundreds of complex capital equipment each year to the exacting codes and standards involved in their purchase specifications.

Another major operational link between the factory and the headquarters is Quality Assurance. To establish complete independence between production and quality, HMD’s quality group reports directly to the corporate Quality Assurance Vice President, based on New Jersey. The Quality personnel are direct employees of Holtec International, while the production personnel are on HMD’s payroll. The organizational independence of QA from production is an important element of Holtec’s corporate organization.

While the great bulk of HMD’s manufacturing output is based on Holtec Nuclear Division’s engineered designs, and is largely of safety-significant pedigree, HMD also manufactures commercial heat exchange equipment and weldments for the Heat Transfer Division. Manufacturing of equipment engineered by external clients takes place side-by-side with Holtec International-designed equipment.

HMD’s wide range of structural fabrication capabilities for nuclear power plants include safety-related special tools and handling equipment, storage and shipping containers for radioactive waste, heat exchangers, pressure vessels and storage casks, and spent fuel storage components. HMD’s ASME N and NPT Quality Assurance Certifications enable its design, fabricate, test, and deliver the whole array of capital equipment and structural weldments needed by nuclear plants.

HMD uses a broad range of quality-certified engineering and manufacturing processes that include computer-aided design, precision machining and welding, and performance testing. Operating processes and procedures are continually verified to meet the most stringent requirements of HMD’s customers.

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Information Management

The machinery, fixtures, tools, and equipment that comprise HMD’s physical infrastructure are supported by a state-of-the-art information management system that enables the factory to produce nuclear grade hardware with a rigorous and detailed record of the critical inspection and fabrication evolutions for archival reference. This information management system also permits HMD to document and process all deviations – big and small – in accordance with the company’s written quality assurance procedures. The control of the manufacturing processes by the indigenously developed “e-sads” [Electronic Subassembly Data sheet] package has eliminated virtually all errors arising from human performance failings. Likewise, the implementation of the Corrective Action Request (CAR) process has been lauded by visiting auditors and invigilators as a state-of-the-art process.

Manufacturing Documents

HMD recognizes that rigorous documentation of fabrication records is an indivisible component of nuclear hardware.

Managing the large body of manufacturing information is a dynamic manufacturing environment and ensuring that the information gets implemented on the shop floor is a daunting task that must be successfully managed to properly uphold HMD’s quality commitments. HMD has invested heavily in computerizing all facets of manufacturing, including inventory control, control of quality pedigree of materials, processes, procedures, and fabrication records. The company’s e-SADS program, over 15 years old and under continuous improvement, has been widely admired for streamlining complex nuclear custom manufacturing programs into a well-documented, fail-proof system. HMD is proud to call itself a “paperless” manufacturer.

Worker Safety

Worker safety trumps all other considerations of HMD. Emphasizing strict adherence to the OSHA regulations, a vigorous program of safety awareness, training and weekly toolbox meetings to recap ongoing safety performances are among the key elements that underlie HMD’s safety culture.

Advanced Machining Capabilities

Morton VBM

  • Morton Vertical Boring Mill
    • PMAC NC Controls
    • 39’ Horizontal Travel
    • 19’ Vertical Travel
  • Working Range:
    • 250” X (6.4m)
    • 196” Z (5m)
    • Boring In-Feed Travel: 70” (1.8m)
  • 140T Capacity
  • Rotary Table Diameter
    • Qty. (2) 130” (3.3m)
    • 64 T Capacity Each

Hankook VTC

  • Vertical Boring & Turning Machine
  • Hankook Model: VTC 250E
    • C-Axis & Driven Tools
    • Ram & Turret Type
    • Live Milling Capabilities
    • Fanuc 31i5 Controller
  • Working Range:
    • Max. Turning Diameter: 9’11” (3m)
    • Max. Turning Height: 6’7” (2m)
  • Max. Table Capacity: 33,000 lbs.

Toshiba Horizontal Floor Mill

  • Toshiba-Shibaura Horizontal Floor Mill
    • 3 axis capability
    • Fanuc 15M CNC Controls
    • 4-800 RPM
  • Working Range
    • Horizontal Range: 236” (6m)
    • Vertical Range: 120” (3m)
    • Spindle Travel: 98” (2.5m)
  • Spindle Diameter: 6” (15.2cm)
  • In-Feed Rotary Table: 98” (2.5m)

FPT Horizontal Floor Mill

  • FPT Horizontal Floor Mill
  • FPT Model: 840D
    • 6-axis
    • 60 Tool Changer
    • 50 HP Motor
  • Spindle Diameter: 6” (15cm)
  • Working Range:
    • 240” X (6m)
    • 120” Y (3m)
    • 90” Z  (2m)


  • REM CNC Vertical Boring Mill
  • Model SC43 with 2 live spindles
    • Fanuc 31i5 Controls
    • Dual live milling
    • Automatic Tool Changer
  • Working Range:
    • Table Diameter: 118” (3m)
    • Max. Turning Diameter: 168” (4.3m)
    • Max. Height Under Rail: 71” (21.6m)
  • Rotary Table Capacity:
    • 36,000 lbs.

Tarus Gun Drills

  • Quantity: (2) units
  • Tarus Model:
    • TBTCGD-508
  • Working Range:
    • 96” L (2.4m)
    • 60” W (1.5m)
    • 84” H (2.1m)
  • Drilling Diameter Capacity: 2”
  • Rotary Table Capacity:
    • 50,000 lbs.

Toshiba-Shibaura Bridge Mill

  • Toshiba-Shibaura Gantry Mill V2
  • Model: 4000B
    • Fanuc 31i Control
    • 5-axis Capabilities
  • Working Range:
    • 60’ L (18.3m)
    • 14’ W (4.3m)
    • 30” H (.76m)

HAAS Machining Center

  • Haas Vertical Machining Center
  • Model VF-3YT/50
    • 3 axis
    • CNC Controlled
    • Live Tooling Precision Machine Center
  • Working Range:
    • 40” X (1m)
    • 26” Y (.66m)
    • 25” Z (.64m)

Small DAVI Plate Roller

  • DAVI Model: MCB 6065S
    • 4 Roll Plate Rolling Machine
    • “iRoll” CNC Touchscreen Controller
    • Overhead & Side Supports, and Powered Infeed Table
  • Max Plate Width: 20’
  • Max Rolling Thickness: 1 ½”
  • Rolled Diameter Range:
    • Max. 120” diameter

Large DAVI Plate Roller

  • DAVI Model: MCB 3060
    • Siemens-Davi Pro 2s Control
  • Max Plate Width: 10’
  • Max Rolling Thickness: 2 ½”
  • Rolled Diameter Range:
    • 36” Min – 155” Max.

Messer Plasma Cutters

  • Qty. (2) High Definition Plasma Cutting System
  • Messer CNC Model:
    • TMC4500ST
    • Dual Hypertherm 400 amp Hi-Def Plasma heads
    • Messer Alfa Oxyfuel torch
  • Working Range:
    • Cutting envelope:
      • 101’3” L (30.9m)
      • 16’5” W (5m)
    • Material Thickness:
      • Carbon Steel up to 2.25”
      • Stainless Steel up to 1.75”

Tanaka Laser Cutter

  • Mitsubishi Tanaka Laser Cutting System
    • Model: LMX VII – TF600E
  • 6,000 Watt Fanuc Laser
  • Working Range:
    • Cutting Envelope:
      • 12’ (3.7m)
      • 40’ (12.2m)
    • Material Thickness:
      • Stainless Steel up to ¾” thick
      • Carbon Steel up to 1 ¼” thick

Flow Water Jet Plate Cutter

  • FLOW, Dual Head, Water Jet Cutting System
    • Model: WMC2 4060
    • EBBCO Abrasive Removal System
  • Dual 87,000 psi dynamic heads
  • Cutting Table: 13’ x 20’
  • Stainless Steel > 6”

Ward Water Jet Plate Cutter

  • WARD, Four Head, Water Jet Cutting System
    • Model: RX-3015
    • AROS Closed Loop Water Recycler
    • WardPro Abrasive Recycler
  • Four 60,000psi cutting heads
  • Cutting Table: 16’ x 30’
  • Stainless Steel > 6”

Blast Booth

  • 20’ W (6.1m)
  • 20’ H (6.1m)
  • 60’ L (18.3m)
  • Blast Media Recovery System

Paint Booth

  • 20’ W (6.1m)
  • 20’ H (6.1m)
  • 60’ L (18.3m)
  • Heat Curing System