Holtec provides comprehensive utility feedwater heater solutions to the power industry. Holtec feedwater heaters are designed and fabricated to the highest standards of reliability and quality for power plants ranging from 10MW to 1500 MW. A wide variety of configurations are offered such as horizontal, vertical, channel up, channel down, one zone, two zone, three zone, duplex, or combinations best suited to meet our clients needs. High pressure heaters channel closures can be cup forging with bolted cover, pressure seal, breech lock or hemi-head/manway. In replacement applications, Holtec offers complete heaters, tube bundles, parts or services as required.

Feedwater heaters in nuclear and fossil applications experience failures or aging degradation from mechanisms, namely vibration induced damage, flow accelerated corrosion (FAC), or surface area loss to tube leakage and plugging require replacement to restore plant and operational performance. Holtec’s custom software, based on operational performance experience, has the capability to analyze each zone to ensure an optimum performance configuration.

Holtec’s feedwater heaters are designed to consider:

  • Withstanding long-term cyclic operation and transient conditions,
  • Design flexibility for meeting retrofit challenges and to minimize installation costs,
  • Resistant to the effects from flow accelerated corrosion Internal configurations for steam velocity distribution in the condensing and subcooling zone minimizing FAC potential, and are
  • Designed for ease of inspection and maintenance.

Holtec’s feedwater heaters are designed using state-of-the-art technology at the Corporate Technology Center in Camden, NJ and fabricated using the latest manufacturing techniques at Holtec Manufacturing Division (HMD) located in Turtle Creek, PA.