This section features videos that showcase the technological advances and contributions that Holtec International has made in the industry.

PAMA SpeedRam and PAMA VertiRam in action

At Holtec’s Advanced Manufacturing Division, the PAMA SpeedRam and PAMA VertiRam are equipped with several automatic head attachments to provide maximum flexibility and extended machining capabilities. Watch the video to see these machines in action.

SMR-160 Essentials

The SMR-160 small modular reactor is a next generation design prioritizing safety, simplicity, reliability and affordability to meet the world’s growing energy needs.

Holtec International Press Conference 04-06-2017

On the afternoon of Wednesday, April 5, 2017, Holtec and the Eddy-Lea Energy Alliance were joined by congressional and community leaders, in the Rayburn House Office Building of Washington, DC, to announce Holtec’s site specific license application submittal of HI-STORE CIS to the NRC.

HI-STAR ATB-1T Drop Test

A quarter scale model of the cask was subjected to three successive punishing drops in three discrete orientations.

SAFSTOR: 2/22/16 – Pierre Oneid

Holtec International Senior Vice President and Chief Nuclear Officer Pierre Oneid joins host Marty Cohn to talk about the work Holtec is doing for Vermont Yankee as well as plants all across the world as they look to move their spent fuel safely into dry cask storage.

Diablo Canyon Loading

This video shows the process of taking the used fuel from the spent fuel pools, located inside the Diablo Canyon Power Plant’s fuel handling building and safely transporting it to the on-site dry storage facility.

Dr. Singh Testifies Before Congress

Plea by Kris Singh (President and CEO of Holtec International) for help to create jobs for American workers in the nuclear power industry in a US Senate Subcommittee hearing.