This section features videos that showcase the technological advances and contributions that Holtec International has made in the industry.

Holtec Technology Campus Featured on “Growing Greater Philadelphia”
Holtec Technology Campus Drone Tour April 2017
Advanced Manufacturing Division’s Davi ZA-40 Plate Roller in Action
Holtec International Press Conference 04-06-2017
Holtec Technology Campus (March 2017)
Lee Laurendeau, Holtec Manufacturing
HI-STAR ATB-1T Drop Test
Holtec Technology Campus (August 2016)
First Weld
First Weld Arc Struck in the Training Center
UK’s first Dry Fuel Store unveiled at Suffolk power station
Holtec Technology Campus (03/30/16)
SAFSTOR: 2/22/16 – Pierre Oneid
R&D Council of NJ 2015 Edison Patent Award Winner Holtec International
National Geographic Presents “Shrink-Wrapped and Boxed Up” with Holtec Manufacturing Division
Aircraft Impact Test of a Fuel Storage Cask
Diablo Canyon Loading
Holtec International on Discovery’s How Its Made
Krishna P. Singh Center for Nanotechnology
Dr. Singh Testifies Before Congress
Pierre Oneid: Small Reactors Are the Future of Nuclear Energy
Pierre Oneid: Small Reactors Will Benefit from 50 Years of Nuclear Industry’s Operating Experience
Governor Haley and nuclear industry leaders meet at Statehouse