System and Methods for Storing Spent Nuclear Fuel

Primary Inventor: Krishna P. SinghDate: May 24, 2022Status: GrantedJurisdiction: USAssignee: Holtec International, Inc.Equipment Type: HI-STORM 100UDocket Number: HOL-014Application Number: 15/882,598Patent Number: US 11,342,091 B2 Prior Publication Data: US 2018/0190401 A1, Jul. 5, 2018 Related US Application Data: Continuation of application No.…

Ventilated System for Storing High Level Radioactive Waste

Primary Inventor: Krishna P. SinghDate: December 4, 2018Status: GrantedJurisdiction: USAssignee: Holtec International, Inc.Equipment Type: HI-STORM 100UDocket Number: HOL-054Application Number: 14/344,013Patent Number: US 10,147,509 B2 Prior Publication Data: US 2014/0226777 A1, August 14, 2014PCT Filed: September 10,…

Corporate Diary: 2005

Holtec’s stakeholders will remember 2005 as the year of several significant corporate milestones.

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