Jyoti Chatterjee

President, Holtec Asia
Senior Vice President, Holtec International

Jyoti Chatterjee is a Senior Vice President of Holtec International and serves Holtec Asia as its President. At Holtec Asia, Chatterjee is responsible for the company’s operations and business development in Asia, Middle East and North African markets.

Mr. Anil S. Raichur

Director of Engineered Equipment Division, Holtec Asia

Anil S. Raichur serves as Director of the Engineered Equipment Division at Holtec Asia, overseeing marketing and sales, proposals and contracts, procurement, project management, manufacturing and site services.

Mr. Debasish Sarkar

Director of Engineering Services, Holtec Asia

Mr. Debasish Sarkar is responsible for managing the structural design, engineering activities and deliverables for Holtec Asia’s Air-Cooled Condenser projects.

Amarjit Singh

Mr. Amarjit Singh

General Manager of Operations, Precision Fabrication Systems

Mr. Amarjit Singh is the General Manager of Operations at Holtec Asia’s Precision Fabrication Systems manufacturing plant in Dahej, India.

Mr. Vishal Roat

Head of Sales and Marketing, ACC Business Unit, Holtec Asia

Mr. Vishal Roat has over 16 years of experience in project management, steering projects from initial conception through development and  implementation.