Vice President of Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Allen Hickman is Holtec’s top official in charge of the Company’s manufacturing plants in North America. Mr. Hickman also leads the supply chain group based in Pittsburgh and Camden which sources over $200 million dollars worth of raw materials and sub-components each year from an approved vendor list of nearly 300 companies, over 2/3rd of whom are based in the United States.

Mr. Hickman’s early career was shaped by a three year stint in the US Marine Corps and 17 years of manufacturing management at Trent Alloys, a New Jersey fabricator of metal weldments. He has been with Holtec since 2005, moving steadily up the responsibility ladder leading up to his present position as the Company’s top manufacturing executive in 2011. As the leader of hundreds of craftsmen and technicians in Holtec’s employ, Mr. Hickman is ultimately responsible for the quality and timeliness of the scores of systems, structures and components delivered by the Company’s US plants to worldwide clients each year. Mr. Hickman reports to the Company CEO through the Senior VP of Operations based in New Jersey.