Senior Vice President of International Projects

Dr. Rick Springman is Senior Vice President of International Projects for Holtec International. In this role, Dr. Springman is responsible to manage international project development and oversee project execution for private and public sector utilities in South America, Europe (excluding Ukraine), Far East Asia, and Sub-Saharan Africa, reporting directly to the CEO. In conjunction with this responsibility, Dr. Springman is responsible for establishment and operations of Holtec’s subsidiary companies Holtec Britain Limited (UK), Holtec do Brasil (Brazil), and Holtec EU (Madrid) and serves as the executive liaison for coordinating development and project activities with Holtec Africa (South Africa), also serving on the Board of Directors of Holtec Africa. In establishing new projects, he leads strategy development, strategic partnerships, and supply chain development in new markets. Dr. Springman works closely with Holtec’s engineering and licensing departments, co-authoring three patents in the field of nuclear material management and supporting the environmental and nuclear licensing of storage and transportation packages for spent nuclear fuel and other forms of nuclear material.

Before joining Holtec in 2009, Dr. Springman completed both his undergraduate and doctoral studies in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics at the University of Pennsylvania; he currently serves on the External Advisory Board for the department. His doctoral research focused on the mechanics of biological cell adhesion, which has important implications for directed growth of tissue culture and new therapies that can alter tissue environments to treat disease. As an undergraduate, his studies focused on robotics and control theory while he competed as an athlete on the University of Pennsylvania Wrestling Team, achieving NCAA All-American and Academic All-American status in two separate years. Dr. Springman also has prior experience as a technology consultant.