Holtec has developed a fuel selection software called Holtec International Fast Reduction of Estimated Dose (HI- FRED) that enables input of a plant’s spent fuel pool inventory to develop dose-optimized fuel loading plans that map each fuel assembly to a cask number, basket position, and loading date. The software has the ability to include the complete spent fuel inventory of the plant, including projected fuel inventory and histories developed with the utility. The inputs to HI-FRED are the i) site-specific cask model, ii) CoC limits for storage (and transport, if applicable), and iii) design parameters and core history of fuel inventory (current and projected), iv) and planned cask loading frequency. Developed with the intent of reducing operational dose, Holtec has found that through the use of HI-FRED we can reduce dose for clients by more than 30% relative to even the most well-crafted, hand- selected fuel loading plans. An example comparison is provided for one US Plant in Figure 1, where an estimated surface dose rate reduction of more than 50% was achieved compared to the hand-selected regionalized plan.