Holtec’s HI-SAFE storage system provides an extremely safe and cost-effective solution for on-site storage of non-
fuel waste generated from operation and decommissioning of commercial nuclear power plants. HI-SAFE is the non-
fuel waste counterpart to Holtec’s dry spent nuclear fuel storage system – HI-STORM. In all significant respects, each HI-SAFE Cask System emulates the HI-STORM Storage System. Like the HI-STORM, the HI- SAFE storage system consists of a vertical, freestanding steel weldment filled with shielding concrete overpack and an all-welded canister containing the waste stored inside. The all-welded Non-Fuel Waste Canister (NFWC) which mimics the external dimensions of Holtec’s Multi-Purpose Canister (MPC), features a stainless-steel design for storage and transport of nearly all waste types, including activated reactor internals, control components, non-fissile materials, and operational waste, such as filters and resins. Like the MPC, stainless-steel closure welds ensure that the NFWC will remain leak-tight for the duration of its service life. In addition, HI-SAFE is capable of storing High Integrity Containers (HICs) that may already be in use at the site for storage of resin and filter wastes. These waste containers can be stored inside Holtec’s HI-SAFE overpack, which provides efficient radiological shielding and robust structural protection of the contained radioactive materials. HI-SAFE is designed in accordance with regulatory and industry guidelines for non-fuel waste storage and is engineered to serve as a robust dose attenuator and an immensely rugged structure, which, like HI-STORM can maintain its integrity during severe accident events, natural disasters, and terrorist threats at any nuclear site in the United States or around the world.