May 19, 2016 was a momentous occasion at the Holtec Technology Campus in Camden, NJ.  On that day, the first crane girder was installed – the drive girder for a 200 Ton crane (shown in motion).  Assembly was complete on May 26, 2016.  This crane, produced by DMAG, is the first of 12 cranes to be installed on the campus – 3 x 200 Ton cranes, 9 x 50 Ton cranes.  A total lifting capacity of 1050 Tons!  More than any other facility in New Jersey and possibly the United States.

c02f0212-092e-4ea9-82fe-281602149861The PAMA Speedram, which will sit in Bay 4, is one of the machine tools being built for Camden.  It is a dual tower, 6 Axis milling & drilling machine with a cutting envelope of 52’ L x 20’ H.  Each rotary table has 100T Table capacity.  It also features a 30” Gun Drilling Attachment.  It’s Ram/ Quill ( Z+Z1) extends 8 feet.  Impressively, it can machine 5 sides of a part with a single set-up.

The PAMA Speedram will bring unique machining capabilities to Holtec.  There is not much this machine can’t do.   We expect it to arrive January of 2017.

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