Holtec, along with other companies moving into Camden, will help Camden recoup from the urban decay that has engulfed the once-thriving city over the last few decades.  Holtec’s efforts to make positive change in Camden are a multi-faceted strategy that includes hiring city residents, using local contractors, buying local goods and services, and frequenting local eateries. 

During construction of the Holtec Technology Campus, our General Contractor Joseph Jingoli and Sons hired Camden residents and contracted with local companies for various aspects of the construction process.   At any given time, there were approximately 40 Camden residents working at the construction site.

As construction is nearly complete, we are transitioning to manufacturing and are continuing to make efforts to engage with the local community.  Here are some examples, and we encourage all employees to engage to bring positive change to the community.

We See You

Holtec contracted with WeSeeYou, a Camden based security company to secure our site during construction.  WeSeeYou also helped us hire our security staff, most of whom are Camden residents.

“My experience with Holtec has been phenomenal. We are very excited about the future with Holtec for the City of Camden.”

Ray Jones, President
WeSeeYou LLC

Recently, Holtec contracted with Colonial Processing to paint and blast 6 sets of HI-STORM work platforms.  Colonial is a small business located around the corner from our new factory.

Many of the sundry items purchased for the weld school were procured from Contractor Services in Camden. Their van stops by often with rags, tools, hardware and other “home depot” items.

“Holtec has been a substantial help in keeping business local.  In the erection of the facility, Holtec, although not required, promoted all local businesses in Camden to the building trades.  If all developers who come to this city make an effort get involved and visit local enterprises as Holtec has, it would create a domino hiring need.  Small businesses create jobs.

I applaud the effort Holtec has put forth.  It’s a satisfying feeling when Holtec’s top management replies to e-mails and shows a sincere interest to partner with us.

Walt Dixon
Contractor Service

On December 7th, Holtec hosted a “Hard Hat Tour” for 81 members of the Camden Business and Contractors Association. This community outreach program introduced Holtec to the local business community and answered these simple questions: 1) who is Holtec, 2) what are we making in Camden, 3) what types of goods and service do we procure, and 4) how would a local company engage with Holtec.

“Holtec is going to make Camden a better place. We can see the partnerships being formed and positive results in the business community already.  Our Holtec tour with the Camden Business and Contractors Association (CBCA) was a powerful step in creating meaningful and long term connections. These successful interactions have and will continue to help revitalize the City of Camden and make a positive impact on the local residents and businesses.”

Barbara Kelly
Camden Business and Contractors Association

Complete Maintenance Service, a Camden based business, has been cleaning the construction trailers for the last 2 years.  They were recently contracted to fully clean the new manufacturing offices prior to move in.

“Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, ‘If I can help somebody, then my living won’t be in vain.’ Well, Holtec is poised again to help somebody. Holtec’s initiative to hire, especially from their new home in Camden, will certainly make an impact to the local businesses and residents of Camden who could certainly use the help. Kudos Holtec!!!”

Rodney Jones, Owner
Complete Maintenance Service

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