Industry Leadership in Wet Storage of Used Nuclear Fuel

Fueled by its innovative ultra-high density fuel rack technology, NPD has maintained technical leadership of the wet storage industry over the past quarter century with near 100% market share in the U.S., Mexico, and the UK and an overwhelming market share in China, Korea, and Taiwan.  (Please see below the location of nuclear plants across the world that employ Holtec’s wet storage technology).

Technology Differentiation

  • NPD’s free standing ultra-high density racks maximize storage capacity in fuel pools, enable ALARA installation, provide a highly earthquake resistant storage system and maximize safety under hypothetical beyond-the-design-basis events.
  • Expeditious regulatory approval of cutting edge high density rack technology in the US and abroad was made possible by the extensive shake table experiments conducted by the Company in the early 90’s that benchmarked Holtec’s Whole Pool Multi-rack seismic analysis methodology instilling confidence amongst the regulatory authorities.
  • The freestanding rack designs for both western and Russian origin fuel embody a common anatomical and structural, criticality and thermal-hydraulic characteristics.

Global Reach and Technology Exclusivity

Holtec’s high density storage racks, disclosed through an array of patents, provide a common design embodiment for both western and Russian reactor fuel. Plants whose fuel can be stored in Holtec’s fuel racks include those that employ PWR, BWR, RBMK and VVER reactors.

Holtec is the only world supplier with proven wet storage technology for both Western and Russian reactors, the latter supported by the decade old Company’s operation center in Kiev, Ukraine which is designated as the center of excellence for Russian origin reactors. Fuel rack expertise in Western reactors is concentrated in Marlton, NJ and Jupiter, Florida.

Another proven technology exclusivity of Holtec high density rack design is its universality with respect to the strength of a site’s design basis earthquake. Holtec’s free standing racks technology have been deployed and are in service for decades in notably strong seismic regions such as California in the continental U.S. and Taiwan in the Pacific.

Holtec International’s Worldwide Wet Storage Deployment
Holtec International’s Worldwide Wet Storage Deployment
Holtec International’s Domestic Wet Storage Deployment
Holtec International’s Domestic Wet Storage Deployment