Applied Photonix LLC was established in 2023 as a subsidiary of Holtec International. The company develops innovative technologies that eradicate harmful pathogens from the air. The principal inventors are scientists and serial entrepreneurs Dr. Yogi Goswami and Lovely Goswami who have partnered with Holtec to launch their latest business ventures. 

Prompted by the recent COVID-19 pandemic, Applied Photonix developed a method to exterminate the spread of viruses, organic volatiles, spores, molds and other airborne pathogens in indoor air. The result is their upcoming technology that protects human health by destroying these pathogens where they spread, indoor environments. It utilizes a combination of filtration, advanced photonic technology and LED lighting to destroy pathogens in the air, the end products being carbon dioxide and water. The device has ease of maintenance and nearly universal applicability. It can be retrofitted into existing central air systems or built into new construction. It can be used in small and large environments, including residential and commercial buildings, as well as hospitals and medical facilities. 

Mailing Address

Interdisciplinary Research Laboratories
3820 Spectrum Blvd., University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida 


Lovely Goswami

President and Chief Operating Officer, Applied Photonix

Lovely Goswami is President and Chief Operating Officer for Applied Photonix. She is a scientist and a serial entrepreneur in the field of clean environment and indoor air purification. She is skilled in business planning, entrepreneurship, venture capital, strategic partnerships and management. She is experienced with a demonstrated history of working in the medical device industry and indoor air purification technologies.

Dr. D. Yogi Goswami

Executive Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, Applied Photonix
Executive Consultant, Holtec International

Dr. Yogi Goswami serves as an executive consultant to Holtec International’s advanced clean energy technologies. He provides invaluable contributions for the research and development of Holtec’s green boiler technology and SMR-160+ small modular reactor. He is also leading Holtec’s drive to develop a commercially competitive solar energy concentrator and thermal energy delivery system.  

Tom Haynes

Executive Vice President, Holtec International
Vice President and Chief Product Officer, Applied Photonix

Thomas Haynes is a manufacturing expert and an inventor of advanced materials for innovative technologies. He currently serves as an executive vice president at Holtec International and vice president and chief product officer of Applied Photonix. 

William F. Gill

Vice President and General Counsel, Holtec International
Vice President and Chief Legal Officer, Applied Photonix

William F. Gill IV is an innovative and accomplished attorney with over fourteen years of demonstrated achievement in the legal industry. As Vice President and Corporate Counsel for Holtec International, Gill has oversight responsibilities over all Holtec divisions and subsidiaries. Gill is also a member of Holtec’s Executive Committee.

Chris Ciabattone

Chris Ciabattone

Corporate Controller

Chris Ciabattone holds the position of the corporate controller reporting to the CFO. His responsibilities included the preparation and issuance of audited financial statements, compliance reporting and cash management responsibility for each corporation.