Martha J. Singh has served on the Holtec International Board of Directors since the founding of the company in 1986.  From 1986 until 1995, she served as Holtec’s Controller with all accounts receivable and payable personnel reporting to her. In 1996 , she left full time work at Holtec to begin Singh Real Estate Enterprises (SRE) which has substantial real estate holdings in Florida, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. In 2013, she took over the leadership of Tequesta Properties, a property management company, which manages a portfolio of buildings in Florida and New Jersey. In addition to her duties on the Board, Singh also serves on the boards of the Midlantic Insurance Company and the KPS Foundation.

Singh is a hands-on executive with a keen eye for the bottom line. Outside of the business world, she has been a passionate advocate of animal welfare contributing generously to charitable causes around the country. Singh is also a vocal advocate of carbon sequestration and clean energy generation to forestall  climate change.

Singh is a long term patron of horse dressage events around the nation including the highly acclaimed annual event at Devon, Pennsylvania. She is classified as an Internal Director of the Company.