Holtec Submits HI-STAR 190 Universal Transport Cask to the USNRC for Certification under 10CFR71

We are pleased to report that the Safety Analysis Report (SAR) on HI-STAR 190 was submitted to the USNRC on August 7, 2015. HI-STAR 190 is the intended transportation cask to ship loaded canisters from around the country to Holtec’s planned Consolidated Interim Storage facility in Southeast New Mexico (ELEA). HI-STAR 190 (pictorial rendering shown below) is designed to transport all Holtec MPCs (multi-purpose canisters) including the MPC containing the extra-long fuel used at South Texas Project and the soon to be burned AP-1000 fuel (essentially all spent fuel from western light water reactors (LWRs)). HI-STAR 190’s counterpart to transport used fuel from VVERs, termed HI-STAR 190M, is also in an advanced stage of development by Holtec. HI-STAR 190M will be used to transport Holtec’s multi-purpose canisters known as MPC-31 and MPC-85, which are designed to package used fuel from VVER-1000 and VVER-440 reactors, respectively. HI-STAR 190M will be submitted to Ukraine’s national regulator, State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine (SNRIU), for licensing under IAEA regulations.