Holtec to Develop and Supply Type B Transport Cask to Sweden’s SKB

Conceptual Design of Holtec's Type B Transport Waste Cask for SKB
Conceptual Design of Holtec’s Type B Transport Waste Cask for SKB

We are pleased to announce the award of a contract by Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Company (SKB) for the design, licensing and supply of an IAEA Type B Transport Cask for operational and decommissioning waste. The waste is segmented and packaged using processes and equipment developed by SKB in cooperation with the Swedish Nuclear Power Companies and has already been used to package over 70 rectangular tanks with operational waste. These tanks will be transported from the Swedish Nuclear Plants to interim storage facilities or a final repository (when it becomes available) using the Holtec developed transport cask.

The Vertical Cask Transporter Design Evolution Reaches the Plateau of Maturity & Versatility

The New Generation Vertical Cask Transporter (HI‐LIFT) Positioned Over a HI‐STORM 100 Cask
The New Generation Vertical Cask Transporter (HI‐LIFT) Positioned Over a HI‐STORM 100 Cask

We are pleased to report that the fifteen yearlong campaign to improve the heavy haul transporters used to move dry spent fuel storage casks has now reached a level of maturity that rivals other Holtec ancillary equipment used to load spent fuel into casks. In the photos below we show the recently designed vertical cask transporters, sold under the trade name HI-LIFT. HI-LIFT is co-produced by the Holtec Manufacturing Division (HMD, Pennsylvania) and J&R Engineering (Wisconsin). The first units entered service in mid-2013 and have fully lived up to industry’s expectations of ruggedness and versatility.

Introducing a New Generation of Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage Baskets

MPC 68M contains 68 BWR Storage Locations (NRC Docket No. 72-1014)
MPC 68M contains 68 BWR Storage Locations (NRC Docket No. 72-1014)

We congratulate our colleagues at our Orrvilon facility on initiating a new generation of spent nuclear fuel storage baskets that have over ten times the thermal conductivity, one third the weight and twice the structural strength as compared with their stainless steel counterpart. We are proud to observe that these baskets, fabricated entirely of Metamic-HT, represent the very first successful use of nanotechnology in components fabricated for the nuclear power industry. “The straightness, lack of camber, twist or bow in these baskets is unmatched in the nuclear industry,” states Metamic-HT inventor Tom Haynes, Holtec’s VP of Materials Development. The picture perfect profile of these baskets is, in part, due to the use of friction stir welding (which does not suffer from weld distortion endemic to classical welding processes). Friction stir welding is another technology innovation introduced to the nuclear industry by our company over the past year.

Bidding a Fond Adieu to 2013

We mark the passing of year 2013 with a sense of satisfaction derived from numerous new accomplishments and milestones for our Company achieved by the diligence and perseverance of our associates here in the U.S. and overseas. We extend our year-end greetings to our clients, our personnel at all eight operation centers, and our suppliers who have helped make 2013 a memorable year of solid achievements for our Company.