Extruding aluminum has been compared to squeezing toothpaste from a tube, with the stream of toothpaste duplicating the tube opening. Aluminum extrusions available from Orrvilon accommodate very precise standards, meeting the tightest tolerances. Choose from bars, simple shapes, or even intricate designs. Specify long or short runs, with circle sizes up to 13 inches. We have a wider range of available weights, from .040 lb/ft to 27 lb/ft. In addition, we can deliver extrusions that use these aluminum alloys: 2024, 2219, 5062, 5086, 6005, 6061, 6063, 6082, 6105, 6463, 7075, 7076 and 7129.

  • Extruded Aluminum Shapes
  • Conventional and Special Alloys
  • Tolling Capabilities Available
  • Isostatic Press Capabilities (CIP Cold Isostatic Press)
  • Mixing of Powered Metals
  • Vacuum Sintering/Vacuum Heat Treat
  • Partner Programs Available