The following patents have been awarded to Orrvilon Manufacturing Division or are in the process of being granted:

TitleYearPatent No.Status
Macro-Chip Reinforced Alloy2023US 10,843,272 B2, US 11,590,573 B2Granted
Autonomous Self-Powered System for Removing Thermal Energy from Pools of Liquid Heated by Radioactive Materials2023US 10,991,472 B2, US 8,681,924 B2, US 8,158,962 B1, US 11,569,001 B2Granted
Dream Insert for Grand Gulf Racks202163/285,502Pending
Atomized Pisoscale Composite Aluminum Alloy and Method Thereof2020US 10,676,805 B2, US 10,202,674 B2, US 9,551,048 B2, EU 2081713Granted
Extrusion Fabrication Process for Discontinuous Carbide Particulate Metal Matrix Composites and Super Hypereutectic A1/SI20006,042,779Granted
Radiation Absorbing Refractory Composition19995,965,829Granted