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Method for Heating a Primary Coolant in a Nuclear Steam Supply System2021HOL-068US 11,031,146 B2Grantedsmr-160
Nuclear Fuel Core, Nuclear Fuel Cartridge, and Methods of Fueling and/or Defueling a Nuclear Reactor2021HOL-066US 10,923,239 B2Grantedsmr-160
Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger and System and Method of Using the Same to Remove Waste Thermal Energy from Radioactive Materials2020HOL-048US 10,854,344 B2Grantedairblast-hx
Nuclear Reactor System Having Natural Circulation of Primary Coolant2020HOL-041US 10,726,962 B2Grantedsmr-160
Component Cooling Water System for Nuclear Power Plant2020, HOL-070US 10,672,523 B2Grantedccw smr-160
Space Saver Flanged Joint for a Nuclear Reactor Vessel2020HOL-062US 10,665,357 B2Grantedsmr-160
Loss-of-Coolant Accident Reactor Cooling System2020HOL-082US 10,665,354 B2Grantedsmr-160
A Device for Cooling Fan Motors Used in Induced Draft Air Cooler Condensers2020HOL-13662/986,401Pendingair-cooled-condenser
Nuclear Reactor Shroud2020HOL-080US 10,580,539 B2Grantedsmr-160
A Fail-Safe Control Rod Drive System for Nuclear Reactor2020, HOL-067US 10,573,418 B2Grantedcrds smr-160
A Fail-Safe Control Rod Drive System for Nuclear Reactor2020, HOL-067US 10,573,419 B2Grantedcrds smr-160
Snap-in Insert for Reactivity Control in Spent Nuclear Fuel Pools and Casks2020HOL-064US 10,535,440 B2Grantedvertical-air-cooled-condenser
Brazing Compositions and Uses Thereof2019HOL-075US 10,512,990 B2Grantedair-cooled-condenser
Steam Generator for Nuclear Steam Supply System2019HOL-083US 10,395,783 B2Grantedsmr-160
Vertical Bundle Air Cooled Heat Exchanger, Method of Manufacturing the Same, and Power Generation Plant Implementing the Same2019HOL-051US 10,343,240 B2Grantedair-cooled-heat-exchanger
Air Induced-Draft Air-Cooled Condenser Amenable to Efficient On-Site Assembly2019HOL-128Provisionalair-cooled-condenser
Tubular Heat Exchanger Having Multiple Shell-Side and Tube-Side Fluid Passes2019HOL-102US 10,295,266 B2Grantedheat-exchanger
Dry Cooling System for Power Plants2018HOL-10310,161,683 B2Grantedair-blast-chiller
Shutdown System for a Nuclear Steam Supply System2018HOL-073US 10,115,487 B2Grantedsmr-160
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Nuclear Power Generation System2018HOL-074US 9,922,740 B2Grantedsmr-160
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Nuclear Steam Supply System2017HOL-061US 9,852,820 B2Grantedsmr-160
Structurally Efficient and Installation-Friendly Air-Cooled Condenser2017HOL-11862/564,000Provisionalair-cooled-condenser
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Steam Conditioning System2017HOL-086US 9,593,598 B2Grantedsteam-sparger-device
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