Holtec Government Services operates under Holtec International’s Corporate Governance and Ethics Program. In addition to this program, Holtec Government Services follows specific procedures developed to ensure compliance with the orders and directives of US government entities, such as the USDOE and USDOD.

Holtec International’s Ethical Hotline
1 (800) 465-8320 EXT. 3618

Holtec International is committed to fair competition and to mutually satisfying supplier relationships based on trust and cooperation. We have established Holtec International’s Ethical Hotline that enables you to make a report of any ethical concerns such as possible fraud, theft, integrity concerns, financial abuse or other impropriety, or ethical violations involving any contracting and procurement activity. All calls are confidential and will remain anonymous (within the constraints of legal requirements). All reported concerns will be investigated fully and monitored by our ethics committee.